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India's Lander Moon Miss Fall still missing, and NASA can't find it anywhere

Where oh where did India land in the moon? More than a month after Chandrayaan-2's Wingram lander crashed somewhere near the unexplored lunar south pole, NASA still can't seem to find any trace.

After giving birth to a new set of images from the space agency Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), its experts came up empty-handed for the second time. Comparing images of before and after the accident, they say that this region of the moon appears completely empty.

Earlier flying in September didn't bring us any luck, though at that time the images were taken at dusk, so there were more shadows on the ground.

These may have overshadowed the land, and yet in October, when the lighting was to be more favorable, there was nothing to see.

"It is possible that Vikram may be in the shade or out of the search area," Theon Keller, deputy project scientist for the LRO mission, told Press Trust of India.

"Due to its small width, about 70 degrees south, the area has never been completely shaded."

Or maybe we just don't see the right place. During a "strenuous" landing, the Indian Space Agency lost contact with the landing gear, and a cold night in this part of the solar system is a death sentence for human machines.

The day after the disaster, the Indian Space Research Organization announced that it had found the landlord in a thermal image of the moon, so it might be hiding in the shade floor.

Earlier this year, another lunar landlord dubbed Beretset by Space and Israel's Aerospace industry fulfilled the same unfortunate fate, but eventually came to the surface using the same techniques experts now use.

For now, we'll just have to keep looking.

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