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"I have to be focused" – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer grants debut at Old Trafford | 1 NEWS NOW

Ole Gunnar Solskayer can not wait to lead Manchester United at Old Trafford for the first time and believes his side is ready to show Boxing Day show.

After being a parachute as a care manager for the rest of the season, the fan favorite fired Jose Mourinho's era at the beginning of the dream.

United ran into an assistant at the Cardiff club, scoring five goals in the Premiership, for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in May 2013 while leaving the Wales capital, worried by the 5-1 win.

Boxing Day offers the opportunity to provide another exciting victory when Huddersfield attempts to reach Old Trafford for a match that will leave the Norwegian as he handles "home" in the warm seat.

"Of course, you are trying to save your emotion, because I'm there to do work, I have to be focused," Solskjaer said.

"It's not easy, I do not think it will be easy, but I'm looking forward to it and I think that the boys hope to play at Old Trafford.

Solskjaer wants to become only the fifth manager in United's history to start his reign of winning the league, which will result in another timely attack in his hand.

United managed to win only five of 12 Old Trafford matches in all the competitions so far in this disappointing campaign, with pressure being shown too much for the players sometimes.

"It comes when you sign up for Manchester United," Solskjaer said. "You know that you will play before the best fans in the world.

"Trust is not something you store in the fridge and pick it up.

"Earn it according to your performances, the training, how you feel. I hope this gives them a boost, so I'm happy and I'm looking forward to the Boxing Day."

But there were rough patches and periods of criticism by observers and experts – something that happened under the skin of the predecessor Mourinho during his term.

Some former Solzinger classmates were amongst the most prominent critics, but the Norwegian will not join the comments of Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand and Gerry Neville.

"Do not worry, Gary will be really hard on me," he said, smiling. "I was sitting next to him in the dressing room for 11 years. He was up to me and you know Gary!

"He is now paid to give his opinion and, of course, he should do it. I am not different to anyone else."

There was no need to worry about the negative comments in Cardiff because United played with style and goal – perhaps even an increase in expectations for what can be achieved with Solskjaer.

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