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How to Evolve Sines into a Polteagist In Pokemon Bear and Shield


One of the new Pokemon in the Sword and shield has an unusual method of evolution. Sinineia will need an item called the Spoiled Pot to develop in Poltagiet. In this guide, we'll show you where to catch Cincinnati and find a missed pot.

How to Evolve Sines into a Polteagist In Pokemon Bear and Shield

Sinistea can be found outside the Stow-on-Side in Glimwood Tangle, where she lives quite happily with many other spooky Pokémon. It is a hidden encounter, so you will need to pay attention to the grass in the area and start meeting with every high point you see. After you catch the Pokémon, return to the Stow-on-Side to leave the cracked pot.

There is an NPF that sells random items near the Pokémon Center, and while it will accidentally sell a missed pot, there is an easier way to get it. Take the stairs to the left and climb the metal ladder to the right, just a few steps up. Go to the roof to the right, and you will find a Missing Pot.

Once you have the pot, you can use it to evolve Cincinnati into Polteagist. Note where that NPF is, as you will need to buy other things from him to develop other Pokemon, so it is not bad to log in with him every day to see what he is selling.

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