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How much is a "boy" and "flight to Dannemora" a star worth?

Patricia Arquette at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Punisher" April 12, 2004. | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

When Patricia Arquette made her debut in the film Nightmare on the street Elm 3 (1987), she was only 18 years old. More than three decades later, the 50-year-old actress still awards major roles in projects like Showtime's Escape to Danemore.

Meanwhile, Arquette worked with some of the top executives in the business. Her performances in Tony Scott's films (Real romance), Tim Burton (Ed Wood), and David Lynch (Lost Highway) has catapulted to the top of Hollywood's list of producers.

However, it was her work with Richard Linklatter Boy (2014), the masterpiece of Linclaeter, which may be her worst film role to date. Arcades received an Oscar nomination for the best supporting female role Boy and won the Oscars in 2015.

Did she use the so-called "Oscar Destiny" that night? As you may recall Arket's speech, it's not so simple in Hollywood. Regardless, here are some of her recent paydays and the estimated net worth of Arquette.

$ 200K for an episode for Escape to Danemore

You can write about Patricia Arquette in 2019, without mentioning her incredible transformation Escape to DanemoreFor what I earned $ 200,000 per episode. To get into the character of Tilly Mitchell, Arket got a considerable amount of weight, contacted with brown contacts, changed his skin and dipped his eyes and wore fake front teeth with stains on them.

If you know it from a glamorous role like Real romance and Lost Highway, it will be hard for you to recognize it. But this only points to Arkquet's commitment to her craft. After winning the Oscars Childhood, she described how to make a small budget movie over 12 years.

"It's important for me to act as an actor so that I can make a living," she said in 2015. "But I'll tell you something: I paid more money to my babysitter and my pedestrian walker than I did Boy! "

She also hinted that during the days when many loaves of the actors get butter. "Television actually enables you to earn, feed your children, send them to college and have a luxury to make choices to make what you think is important," she said.

Arches of roles Boardwalk Empire, Secondary, and CSI: Cyber definitely covered some bills in recent years.

The net worth of Arket is estimated at 25-30 million dollars

Arquette of the Oscar Awards for Governors Cevor Janesian / Getty Images

Significant net worth tied the Arctic fortune to $ 24 million in 2014. Since then, she has won the Oscars, made 31 episodes of CSI, 10 episodes of The Red Empire, and acted in several other films. Needless to say that its net worth has significantly increased in recent years and almost certainly exceeds $ 25 million.

However, this is not to say that Arquette arrived with a bunch of new parts after winning the Oscar. Her acceptance speech that night concerned the current wage gap in Hollywood – something she had been saying since then has scared the producers. In fact, she believes that she is a lost role after winning an Oscar and making a speech.

After Variety posted salaries of Escape to Danemore cast, you can see how Arquette had a point. Benicio Del Toro, her co-star of the Oscars in the series, earned $ 400,000 per episode – twice what Arket did.

But Arquette is far from over. With a Golden Globe nomination for Dannemora and several films to come out in 2019, fans will see and hear more of her soon. If she wins the Golden Globe, she may even intimidate more producers. Not that she cares.

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