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How many people turned around To be filmed in the videos of Dr. Sandra Lee?

Dr Pimpple Popper Dr. Sandra Lee to Dr. Pimpple Popper | TLC

Previous Dr Pimpple Popper, Dr. Sandra Lee publishes videos on Instagram and YouTube extraction. It has basically become a sensation on YouTube, and then a realistic TV-sensation. Now, Dr Pimpple Popper returns for season 2. Although there were many patients who were part of the doctor's journey, there were some who turned it down. How many people have refused to be recorded for her videos on YouTube? Here is the answer and more to know about her career on YouTube.

Dr Sandra Lee said that about 10 people are refusing to be filmed in her videos on YouTube

Dr Pimpple Popper Dr. Sandra Lee to Dr. Pimpple Popper | TLC

The dermatologist was smartly set up when it came to her videos on YouTube. She will ask the patients who have already come to her for other things if they want a mask to appear for free, if they allow her to record for YouTube. She took care to keep people anonymous using pictures closely and really did not have patients to speak so much. But not everyone wanted to be shot despite warnings about keeping anonymity of people.

Dr Sandra Lee estimated that 10 people in the four years that were shot were filmed, according to Jezabel. She also said that a woman agreed to be on the video, but later changed her mind. Dr. Sandra Lee ended up respecting her wishes by not using the video and not charging her for the service.

Reality Star revealed why this type of service is so unique. "So, many dermatologists will not remove them, they say," You have black steps there, but do not worry about it. "But now I'll make the extras for free if I allow my patients to record and use the video," said Dr. Lee Forbes. "Of course, I made them anonymous and remove something that is identified."

There is another reason why these extractions are usually not done by dermatologists. "Many of these people really want these things to be removed," Lee further explained. "They are benign and they are nothing to be removed from medicine, which is why insurance will not pay. So my patients win, because they get the black heads free of charge."

She made a lot of money from YouTube

Dr. Sandra Lee in Dr. Pimpple Popper Dr. Sandra Lee in Dr. Pimpple Popper | TLC

The YouTube Doctor Business Plan really paid off. She reportedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars from the platform in 2016, according to the New York Times. It specifically crashed to $ 4,350 every day of its videos in another Sun report. The money will come from viewers who will watch their videos and will have to watch ads. Not surprisingly, it publishes videos on YouTube only after it has received television fame.

Of course, YouTube videos really paid off by giving Lee a platform and eventually her television show. The next season of the show will include more jumps, after the patients after treatment and mysterious cases.

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