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How long has Bruce Willis married his wife Emma Heming?

Bruce Willis is a Hollywood superstar with filmography to coincide. The 63-year-old actor has been active in films since the 1980s, with voices in blockbuster hits such as Die Hard, Scout boy, 12 monkeys, Alpha dog, and The City of Sin.

Apart from his film career, Willis took on a celebrity love life. The Hollywood couple is connected to various glass rods, but he has been out of the market for nearly ten years now. Willis met in a happy home life with wife Emma Heming and their two children. But who is Emma and how long is the couple involved?

How long have Bruce Willis and Emma Heming?

Bruce Willis's wonderful wife Emma Heming is a relative unknown in Hollywood, but her famous husband never succeeds in singing her praise. The couple married in 2009, nearly a decade after Willis divorced his first wife, Demi Moore, but that did not prevent people from comparing the two. Heming is a bomb in his own respect, with dark hair, a thin figure and an exotic good look.

Willis and Heming argue that their relationship works because Heming happily takes care of Willis and the couple for two children together. Mabel Ray Willis was born in 2012, and Evelyn Penn Willis was born in 2014. The family resides in Bedford Hills, a suburb of New York.

How did Willis and Heming meet?

The story is slightly convoluted, but Willis was happy to clear things up for the masses. According to Willis during the appearance of a night talk show, he and Heming met for years before leaving. Willis claims that he went to check the gym and noticed Heming to get out. He was taken from her and asked for a friend for her. They were introduced, but at the time, Heming looked at someone.

The couple remained for several years while watching other people, but after Heming was available, Willis appeared. He asked Heming for a date, and since then they have been together. Heming was also part of the cast for the film, which Willis consulted, although his romantic interest in the former model did not play a role in the film.

Bruce Willis's first marriage

Bruce Willis married Demi Moore in November 1987. They met during the premiere of the Acquisition, in 1987, starring Richard Dryfus and Emilio Estevez. The former couple has three daughters. Rummy Willis was born in 1988, exactly nine months after the marriage took place. Scout Willis followed in 1991, and Tullula joined the family in 1994.

In 1998, Willis and Moore separated after 12 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2000. Willis said he felt like he missed his children by failing to make his marriage work in the long run. Willis maintains a close relationship with Moore, even now when their children are adults.

Other relationships of Bruce Willis

Willis, although married twice, is not unknown to the dating scene. Among the divorce from Moore and the later marriage to Heming, Willis dates back several asterisks and speculates that they have linked up with even more. Shortly after his split from Moore, Willis began to meet Alice Klass, an adult film star. The couple split in 2001.

In 2003, Willis was associated with Brooke Barnes from Baywatch glory. The couple split up in 2004, and from there, Willis began to meet Karen McDougall. McDougall is a former classmate. The couple has been dating since 2007. In 2009, Willis married Heming and has since been a man of a woman.

While Willis had a fairly robust career for acquaintance, especially given his long marriages, it seems he is no longer hunting. Willis and Heming seem to be the perfect couple, sharing the family, home and deep respect for one another.

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