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How did Cristina El Musa and Ant meet?

If you are a HGTV fan, you are certainly familiar with Christina El Musa. We first know her as a successful star of the house Flip or flop who made the show together with her husband, Tarek El Musa. Unfortunately, Kristina and Tarek's relations ended with a divorce in 2017, because the two reasons cite irreconcilable differences. They managed to continue working together on HGTV, but the rest of us wondered if Christina would find a new man who would share his life with post-Tarek.

Now, Christina married a secret wedding to English television presenter Ant Ansted. Here's how the two first started their relationship.

Christina says she met An Ant in late 2017

For those who follow Christina at Instagram, it's no secret that she is completely in love with Ant as a whole 2018. As for the way they met, she wrote in an Instagram post that they met in late 2017 thanks to a friend "At the end of 2017, I was happy to be acquainted with this friend through a mutual friend," she said . "Christina then explained how Ant is" the amazing father of his children, and also excellent with mine, steered and talented, humble and polite, patient and excellent listener, entertaining and hilarious, spiritual and to overcome the warm AF. "

This, of course, is not the first time to hear Christina as an Ant. As early as June, she told Nedelen: "This is by far the happiest I've been for a long time. I'm really excited about the future." And she too could not keep up how much she loved their dates nights, great conversations, special rest breaks, and how her children are with him.

Their wedding was a small, private and completely secret

Weekly reports Christina again said in June that she would absolutely think about re-thinking, so it is no surprise that she decided to link the gap with Ant in what people call the Winter Wonderland wedding. The release of the wedding reports took place in Newport Beach, California. And the couple managed to withdraw the secret ceremony by having a small ceremony involving only 70 of their closest friends and family members. "We wanted to do this for the children, it's the six of us. We are a family, so it was really important that they be part of it," Ant said.

As for how they managed to hold the rustic wedding from the public's eyes, Christina and Anka gave him all the merits of the publicist Christina, Kassi Zebish. "She took it out, she met the vendors, she set up the hospitality, I loved the theme of Maestros, like a nice stefage." She did it all! "Said Christina – although that does not mean she was not paranoid, and anyone would find out . "Every day we checked the Internet to see if anyone found out." Now, Ant and Christina can easily know that they have completely pulled it out.

Tarek is reportedly happy for Christina

So, how does Tarek feel about his recent ex-wife who has been married and taking a surname of someone else? According to Nedelenski, he does not feel absolutely any bad will to Christina and is quite happy for her. As one source tells of the announcement, "Tarek is happy for Christina and he is moved". And when Kristina and Anton were friends, Tarek himself said on the show Today: "He looks like a good person. It seems that my children love him."

At the end of the day, both Christina and Tarek want the best they can for their children. Although there were times in the past when things ended up explosively for the couple (we can not forget their blow at their home when the police called it), dust definitely settled. Now fans may expect to see Matt on TV with Christina.

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