Monday , May 17 2021

Hotel chain offers Instagram "viewer", which will post photos for you

The new service offered by Ibis Hotels in Switzerland appears to indicate that for some Instagrammers, the pressure to publish incredible images on the social media website can be so great that it destroys their vacations.

To ease the strain, the hotel chain now offers assistance in the form of a "social media setter".

It means handing the buttons to your Instagram account to the selected influencer from the local area, allowing you to go and enjoy your vacation instead of worrying about finding the best places for the best viewer in the best locations and best meals in the best restaurants and the best … well, you get the idea.

"Enjoy your journey without digital stress," Ibis said in a message translated by Google. "Our social media takes care of your Instagram profile so you can explore the city in peace."

She continues: "Let's be served by selected influential and local residents. Our Instagram professionals will provide the best posts on your profile while enjoying the city without a smartphone in front of the person."

For every Ibis holiday in Switzerland, who wants Instagram, but also would not mind resting from anxiety involved in trying to find the best shots, the social media viewer sounds like a great idea. Unless your Instagram entry consists mainly of one-sided, that is.

Ibis announced an awkward ad (above) to promote the new service. The unprepared skate shows a couple in a boating boat on the picturesque Swiss lake, where the boy takes another shot. The next moment, people begin to appear outside the lake, chanting all the hashtags related to photography and "taste" on it.

But then a man with a big camera emerges from the water, saying, "Oh, I do not like the color," while the woman – the ex-girlfriend of the boy in the boat, as it turns out – cries out frantically.

Yes, the comment section is alive, and it's extremely wicked.

Crazy ends with Prince Harry, who appears in the boat (it's not clear how he got there) and takes the phone from the distinguished man so that he and his partner can go and enjoy the rest of their vacation without thinking for Instagram.

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