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Hope and Lotus partner to 'push the boundaries of bike design and technology'

Lotus retired from the bicycle industry after 25 years in partnership with Hope, which is said to be a "joint program for research and development, data analysis and knowledge sharing".

Lotus may be best known for their production and cars in Formula One, but this is not the first time they have dipped their toes into the world of cycling. In 1992, they designed a bike path for Chris Bodman at the Barcelona Olympics. Boardman won the 4,000-meter run (Britain's first cycling medal in 72 years) and set a new world record of 4 minutes 24.496 seconds in the quarter-finals. Unicorn design was banned by the UCI in the Lugano Charter in 1996, but the bike remains an icon to this day.

In essence, getting Lotus back into the world of cycling can mean some pretty interesting and different products on the market. Their partnership with Hope means that some of them could even get on the mountain bike. The two companies will obviously be working on "light engineering, aerodynamics and advanced materials production", but we have no information what they will require yet.

Clearly this is a partnership to watch out for and we will let you know what we can get out of it.

bigquotesWhen we started making innovative, high-specific disc brakes in the late eighties, we didn't imagine that Hope Technology would evolve into what it is today – a company with more than 150 employees who hand-craft components for both mountain and road bikes, 24- 7. We are proud to adhere to our philosophy, to relentlessly pursue only the best possible products. Being a partner with Lotus is definitely a great place to be in 2019 and it's an exciting time for us all. “Ian Westil, CEO, Hope Technology

bigquotesLotus is thrilled to be back in cycling for the first time in 25 years. Innovation and ingenuity have always been part of Lotus DNA, and working in collaboration with Hope is a fantastic illustration of how Lotus Engineering consulting can support projects outside the automotive sector.Phil Popham, CEO, Lotus Cars

Press Release: Hope

Leading world-leading bike components manufacturer Hope Technology and internationally recognized car consultancy Lotus Engineering have announced an exciting new partnership.

The joint venture was set up to explore new ways to push the boundaries of bicycle design and technology. At its heart will be a collaborative research and development program, data analysis and knowledge sharing, covering topics such as light engineering, aerodynamics and advanced materials production.

Hope Technology is a well established and highly regarded British brand that is fully integrated within the cycling industry and always builds on its business and reputation for producing the highest quality products. He designs, creates, manufactures and tests innovative bicycle components at his Lancashire headquarters for 30 years. Countless British bikes and riders have benefited from Hope's products and today the business exports about half of its production. After years of racing success, it has recently moved to making complete, ready bikes.

Lotus Engineering is the internationally recognized automotive consultancy division of Lotus Group, best known globally for its iconic British performance cars. The current palette – Elise, Exige and Evora – are the spiritual successors of legendary Lotus models such as Esprit, Elan and Elite, which are still very much loved around the world. Earlier this year, Lotus unveiled Evia, an electric two-seater, that will go on sale next year. With a target of 2,000 hp, it will be the world's most powerful automobile in the series so far. Follow along with other new Lotus models.

While Lotus is best known as a car company, it has a proud and very successful cycling history through its Lotus Engineering department. In the 1990s, Lotus was instrumental in designing and developing the bike for bicycle legend Chris Bortman at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, where he won gold, and at the 1994 Tour de France, where he won the track time trial. . The Lotus Sport bike – instantly recognizable for its aerodynamic design – remains an iconic symbol of outstanding British sporting success to this day.

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