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Hollywood producer Terry Rocio flashes for a comparison of the anti-virus tag with N-Word

The Hollywood screenwriter behind Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek is at the center of a social media outburst after using racial fame to defend parents who do not want to vaccinate their children.

In response to a fellow screenwriter who called for an increase in participation in vaccination, producer and screenwriter Terry Rossio wrote: "My heart goes to all parents of damaged children who are vaccinated, who not only need to withstand the grief of their loss, but also cabinets of ill-informed and insensitive people (such as those here). Anti-Wax is equivalent to calling someone n ***** and makes little sense. "

Rosio wrote the epithet.

When the writer who started the conversation asked Rosio to "never come to my food with the word again", Rocio has fallen apart, arguing in a thread that the stigma that African-Americans face is similar to that faced by those who refuse them vaccinate their children from scientifically discredited fears of autism.

Many critics of Rosio, whose tweets had more than a thousand responses, included fellow screenwriter Geoffrey Grub, who answered: "God, this is a good point." I remember how American founders and citizens worked for skeptics of vaccines for years, even after releasing them, the government has tightened the laws to marginalize vaccine denials and deny wealth and opportunities. That's history. "

Another Twitter user responded to Rossio with the announcement that his comment inspired him to donate $ 25 for a non-profit organization that vaccinated children around the world.

Rosio, whose credits include Aladdin and Lone Ranger, as well as the impending function adaptation of Johnny Quest, did not respond to a request for comment. Two years ago, he allegedly acquired the rights of Dr. Andrew Wakefield's book, whose work links vaccines to autism is rejected in the scientific community.

"Dr. Wakefield is a clearly polarized figure, bitter of the general public, but also respected by many. Details and drama about his life are even more pronounced than commonly known," said then Rocio.

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