Tuesday , August 3 2021

Higher number of influenza due to early peak season, says Sask. Ministry of Health

The number of influenza cases in Saskatchewan for the 2018-19 season has so far been more than twice as high as in the previous year.

There were more than 1,500 confirmed cases between the beginning of September and mid-December in 2018, compared with about 680 for roughly the same period in 2017-18.

The Health Organization of the population in the Ministry of Health in Saskatchewan said that a greater number was due to the early onset of the influenza season.

She said it was not unusual for the season to start at different times in different years.

"The influenza activity may begin to increase at any time in the autumn and will generally peak at six to eight weeks," the ministry said on an email response to questions.

"The peak is now reached and we do not expect the cumulative number of cases (1,571 of Dec. 22) to increase much more from now on."

In the flu season 2016-17, there were 380 cases before December 31. There were only 31 cases in the period 2015-16, which ends in mid-January.

The ministry said more than 280,000 doses of influenza vaccine were administered by December 15, 2018 – eight percent higher than the previous year.

She said the public awareness campaign promoting flu immunizations is starting every autumn.

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