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Heford, Hitchcock and Kingston named in Canada for a hockey row

EDMONTON – Women's hockey star Jane Hedford and coaches at the Ken Hitchcock and George Kingston Club have been named the Hockey Order of Canada.

Heford, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, was a key part of the Canadian women's team from 1997 to 2014. Born on Kingston, Ont, remains the second best scorer with 291 points (157 goals, 134 assists) over her 267-game career.

Heford helped Canada with four Olympic gold medals and seven world titles during his international career. She currently serves as the Commissioner of the Canadian Women's Hockey League after a starry career at the club level.

Hitchcock was assistant coach of Canada for the men's national team for three Olympic gold medals, and was also assistant to the young team that won gold in 1998. He also won the 2004 World Cup title and served as head coach of a pair world championship in 2008 and 2011.

He led the Dallas Stars to the Stanley Cup in 1999 and is currently the head coach of his hometown Edmonton Eulers. He won the "Jack Adams" award as head coach of the NHL in 2011-12, and was twice named WHL Coach for the year twice during his time with "Blazers of the Camels".

Kingston, from Biggar, Sask., Led the University of Calgary to six Canadian West Indies before moving to an international level. Hill as assistant coach with Canada at the 1983 World Championships and the 1984 Olympics.

He was president of the 1988 Olympic Games in Calgary, before winning the Canada's Silver Medal at the 1994 Games as General Manager.

The first ever head coach of San Jose Sharks, Kingston, also made the NHL stand as an assistant to Calgary, Minnesota, Atlanta and Florida.

The order was opened by Hockey Canada in 2012 to pay tribute to individuals for their contribution to the development and development of hockey in Canada.

Past honors are: Mike Babcock (2018); Jean Beliveau (2012); Scottie Bowman (2017); David Branch (2016); Cassie Campbell-Pascal (2012); Claire Drake (2014); Daniel Goethe (2018); Jim Grigori (2015); Wayne Gretzky (2012); Geraldine Heaney (2016); Paul Henderson (2013); Gordy Howe (2012); Dave King (2013); Mario Lemjo (2016); Mark Messier (2013); Bob Nicholson (2016); Pat Quinn (2015); Gordon Renwick (2012); France St-Louis (2014); Serge Saward (2015); Ryan Smith (2018); and Steve Jerman (2014).

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