Sunday , September 27 2020

Heavy rain hits south coast overnight, flooding Metro Vancouver streets


Today is not the day to forget your umbrella.

Heavy rain swept through the west coast of BC overnight, causing floods in several areas of metro Vancouver.

According to the City of Vancouver, there were 35 reports of emergency overnight floods, but most were resolved. Sanitary teams also worked overnight.

Erin Joyce, manager of street operations with the city of Vancouver, said that from 9am. Weekly teams clear the last intersections.

"There are always low-lying areas, especially in Vancouver's common floodplains, [that] it's always a bit of a problem with really heavy rain – so these are areas like Kent Avenue, Locarno, Southlands, "she said.

The 3000 block of Knight Street was temporarily closed Sunday morning as crews waited for a vacuum truck to arrive.

Overnight floods on Dansmuir Street. (Corey Korea / FBC)

Vancouver residents can use the VanConnect app to report flooding. The city also emphasizes the importance of clearing basins near your property, rather than sweeping or blowing leaves on the street.

You can also enroll in the Vancouver Watershed Acceptance Program.

According to Environment Canada, heavy rains will lighten around noon as stormwater rises outside the region.

Rain warning remains in force for the Shaw sound.

In East Vancouver, mother and daughter clear basin of clogged leaves. (Christian Amundson / FBC)

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