Friday , May 14 2021

"Head of Food Work" points to Uber's plans in Toronto

TORONTO – Uber employs a head of groceries in Toronto, a sign that the company can attract companies to the supermarket.

The American tech giant, based in Skopje, announces that the role will help the company define and build "a brand new product offering that will fundamentally evolve as people buy their groceries."

The announcement says the successful candidate will work with the newly established team based in Toronto.

Uber used the city as a test-bed for food-related innovation before, starting "Uber Eats" there in 2015.

Her chief executive Dara Hosrovshi also recently hinted that delivering food to someone in their home for 30 minutes or less is "magical" and he thinks groceries are "neighborhood".

"Uber Canada" confirmed to the Canadian press that he was looking for a food chief, but offered no indication as to what her plans for the role were.

In a statement by Canadian Press, the company will only say: "Our eating team always wants to expand into new areas where our technology can help people feed it more easily and effectively."

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