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Halloween Prediction: Much of BC to be terribly cold under the full moon

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While the weather is expected to be cold in much of BC. this halloween, those who will commit to the outdoors can be a pleasure.

A rare full “blue” moon is expected on Saturday night, the second full moon this month.

The last time trick practitioners went out under the full moon was in BC. was in 2001, but the last full moon on Halloween in all time zones was in 1944, according to the farmer’s Almanac.

© Gideon Knight_Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Grand Prix winner with the Moon and Crow Gideon Knight, winner of the UK Wildlife Photographer of 2016 Crow in a tree in the park: a common enough scene.  This is what Gideon has seen many times near his home in London's Valentine Park, which he regularly visits to photograph.  But as the blue light of dusk entered and the full moon rose, the scene was transformed.
© Gideon Knight_Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Young Grand Prix Winner Featuring: Moon and Crow. Photo by CB2 / ZOB /Gideon Knight / Wildlife Photographer

As for the weather, if you are in Metro Vancouver, it will probably be clear and sunny during the day with high 11 C and then partly cloudy at night with low 5 C, according to the environment and climate change in Canada.

Elsewhere in BC, the areas of Prince George and Lake Williams should see a mixture of sun and cloud at about 4 or 5 C high and overnight low at 2 C, while in Okanagan it is likely to be cloudy and 10 C, immersing up to 4 C overnight with little chance of showers.

In the northern region of Lake Deaz, the forecast looks sunny during the day and freezing at night, diving to minus 7 C overnight.

In the central region of BC, some communities may have snow on Saturday. The agency predicts a good chance of flooding into the Smiths during the day, but showering overnight.

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