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Google will shift the Android app's Android app to Android from

This news, perhaps trivial, points to something deeper with Google and its Android brand. The new record detected in Chromium's source management of Gerrit reveals that Google intends to transfer its web portal to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.

If you are using the Android Messages application (which was eventually renamed only to "Messaging"), you can access the web interface to chat with people from your phone using your desktop. To do this, all you have to do is go to But the new commitments suggest that Google will redirect users to a new address:

Simply, what makes this saving is to tell Chromebooks to stop using the URL of and to use the URL in Chrome OS 72 or 73, which includes "Better Together" functions for integrate Android and Chrome OS.

This change deepens the idea that Google will eventually remove the use of Android branding. Since then, there have always been people who do not know that Android is quite synonymous with Google. The proof is in pudding: Android Pay has been renamed to Google Pay, Android Messaging and Android Wear Just the Wear OS. So what's stopping Google from just removing Android completely?

We can speculate that Google plans to completely re-brand the Android as something on the Google OS line for its 10.0 version of Android "Q". Perhaps the earliest thing we could hear about this is in Google I / O, where the next version of Android is usually announced.

In the current state, the URL of does not lead anywhere, but this can change in the coming weeks.


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