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Google+ is off April 2, all data will be deleted

Play YouTube, you are a beast!

Play YouTube, you are a beast!

Google's latest Google product deception to get a date of death is Google+. The controversial Facebook clone on Google is shut down on April 2. Google has been stepping out of service for several years, but in October, he gave the death sentence on the site after disclosure of data for disclosure. We now have a specific date for disconnecting the service.

The Google Support page describes in detail how G + disconnection will be turned off, and that's not just freezing posts on the site. The entire page will be removed, and everything will be deleted. "On April 2, your Google+ account and all Google+ pages you created will be closed and we will start deleting content from Google+ user accounts," says the site.

The whole deletion process sounds brutal. It will not only be the entire Google+ page, which will be deleted from comments on Google+ on Blogger and other third parties, all will be deleted. Google+ users have until April to download and save everything they can through this page.

Google + was a panicked Google reaction to the rise of Facebook and other social networks. Back in 2011, Google viewed Facebook as an existential threat. What if people stopped searching and just asked their friends about good websites and product recommendations? Today it sounds ridiculous, but then Google thinks social is the future, and then Google CEO Larry Page has linked all employee bonuses to Google+ success. As a result, Google has forced Google+ into any other Google product, whether it makes sense or not. At one point, the service was described as "kind as the next version of Google" by the Google executive. Now Google must remove Google+ tentacles from all its products.

With all integration into other products, Google warns that turning off Google+ will not be a quick process: "The process of deleting content from Google+ consumer accounts, Google+ pages and album will take several months, and the content may stay that way." The Google Support page reads: "For example, users can see parts of their Google+ account through the activity log, and some Google+ content may remain visible to G Suite users until the Google+ customer is deleted."

While April 2 is the date of cancellation of profiles, the Google+ wind will start very soon. From February 4, you will not be able to create new Google+ profiles or communities. Google says third-party sites and apps using the Google + sign-in button will stop working in the coming weeks and that third parties need to switch to a non-Google+ version of the Google sign-in button. Google+ comments will be withdrawn from Blogger on February 4th and third parties on March 7th.

Google has been withdrawing from Google for some time, and today the service is not fully integrated into Google as it was in the past. Google Photos and Google Hangouts were once part of Google+, and now they are stand-alone services. At one point, Google+ was compulsory for comments on YouTube, and now it's not. The service was also de-integrated from the Google Play Store, Gmail, and Google Search.

Google+ is another product in the list of services that Google plans to close soon. Before closing Google+, Google Inbox will die in March. Google Hangouts will begin to decline in October for G Suite users with expectations of disconnecting consumers sometime in 2020. In the future, I doubt that we will talk about the death of Google Play Music, which is expected to merge with YouTube Music at some point. It will be a difficult year to be a Google user.

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