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Google Duplex debuts for pixel users by selecting in the US, making bookings for restaurants

The ambitious Google Duplex project by the tech giant finally begins to see the light of day. The AI-based interview agent now reportedly appears on a limited number of pixel owners in selected US cities. Presumably, Duplex arrives with limited functionality at the outset and can only make calls in English for now. It can make reservations for restaurants with seemingly natural voice, but previously gives the requested disclaimers. As mentioned earlier by Google, businesses can individually drop duplex calls for reservations.

People in VentureBeat received access to Google Duplex, which turned into a "trusted test user set", all of which are owned by the Pixel smartphone. It is available in certain cities, which probably include those recently released by Google – Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay area.

This development has been confirmed by Google's VentureBeat spokesman – "We are currently increasing the ability to book restaurant reservations through Google's helpdesk using the Duplex technology. To help Pixel users and their companies bring good experience, we we are starting with slow penetration … and we will expand to more Pixel users while continuing to grow. "

To start the process, activate Google Assistant with the words "Hey Google, make a reservation for a restaurant" or "Hey Google, book a table". You can also mention the location you are looking for to make the reservation.

Once you are done, choose from the list of kitchens and choose a restaurant of your choice. Tap the "Request a table there" option to start the duplex process. Namely, not all restaurants are part of the process; Google said businesses can drop out of service by bringing an option to their Google My Business account.

With eligible restaurants, the assistant begins with a request for the number of people who are limited to 10 at the moment. Above that frontier, the assistant will mention that he can not make reservations for larger parties just yet. Once the table size is confirmed, the assistant will ask you for the booking date that comes with a proposal for the next seven days. The service allows you, however, to submit requests even months later. Once the date is confirmed, Google will ask you for the reservation time, along with a time window (for example, between 1-2 hours) in case the bookings are not available for a specific time. Next, Duplex requires a reservation phone number, which by definition is set as its number. You can also choose from other contacts in your account, too.

Once all this is done, Google Duplex will work. It has a rather natural voice, but at the outset it gives you a disclaimer – "Hi, I'm calling to make a reservation for a customer. I call from Google so that the call can be saved." Then she continues to talk to the restaurant using the information, but its accuracy with thicker accents or different than normal words has yet to be tested. VentureBeat even managed to get a true example of the experience in the restaurant that appears as fluid and smoothly. The report claims that the natural essence of Google Duplex comes from using the WaveNet's neural network for audio processing and voice reflection like "ums and" ahs ".

Google said that if the business responses match the "I do not want to shoot" line or a similar phrase, the call is delivered to a human operator on an unregistered line.

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