Saturday , July 31 2021

Google Duo is testing group calls and improvements to low-light video

Two major new versions are on their way to Google Duo, which were previously disclosed in the chat application in the course of 2018.

The first new feature will be video chat for groups of users who will compete with Apple's FaceTime group on iOS 12, and the second option is a low-light mode for better video chat even when you do not have the perfect lighting.

The group chat feature will allow groups of up to 7 users to talk about a video chat every time it opens. It's hard to say whether this cap for 7 people will be a limitation only for early testing or if Google only allows groups of that specific size, but it looks quite low compared to the 32 members of the Apple group. I can not imagine that a video conversation with 31 other people will be a lot of fun for most things, but if you're in a business or learning environment, I can see the complaint. However, Google does not.

But it does not matter how many people are in your video chat, if they can not see you, and that's where it gets into a low-light mode. Similar to Snapchat's low-light mode, when you turn on the Duo, it will light your camera to make things a bit easier for everyone else to see. Do not expect any miracles as we came out of Pixel's night pixel function, because the brightness of the front cameras usually turns into a soft image, but it will definitely be a better experience than just black blurring with moving lines.

There are no telling when Google will actually use these things, because the users who got them previously appear to be happy enough to break into the test site by the server. We hope that we will get this year before Google I / O.

source: Android police

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