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Gifts for divorce – entertainment news

December 29, 2018/8: 00h | Story:

Keira Knightley feared that her letter to OBE was a tax demand and did not open it for days.

The actress was taken over by her director of the Best Order of the British Empire Medal by Prince Charles at the Buckingham Palace on December 13, and told conversation host, Graham Norton, that she had opened a letter revealing that she had been elected to the highest honor because she thought that it's an unpleasant note from tax collectors.

"I did not open the envelope for about three days," she says. "It was from the Ministry of the Interior, and it was terrifying, because I thought I was in trouble with the tax and that I was messed up and that they would take the house. So, I blamed the letter!

"After three days I thought," I'm a mother, I am responsible and I will confess to my husband that I'm messed up, "so I opened it and that was a reward!"

Kira was also a shocking surprise when she locked her lips to the stage with her husband Dominique West in their upcoming biopic movie Colette, revealing her kiss away from sexy.

"He had to wear a thick suit, which was troublesome for him at 40 (degrees) temperatures, so they created a cooling system inside, so it looked like there was a colostomy bag on the side," she recalls. "Dominique is a very sexy man and he had to wear a suit, bag and have horrible hair on his face.

"I was very excited about the look of kissing as an attractive person at first, I thought it would be pretty nice, but it was like kissing a walrus!"

Colette, who is also star Aisha Hart, Eleonor Tomlinson and Fiona Shaw, won January's theaters in the UK.

Kira's interview was recorded for New Year's New Year's Eve, and Guy Pearce, Catherine Tate, Olivia Coleman, Nicolas Hult and singer Rita Ora, who impressed the host and guests by showing her party piece and exhausting the alphabet .


| Story:

Usher filed for divorce to formally complete his three-year marriage with Grace Miguel.

The singer filed documents in Georgia on Friday using the same attorney he held for his former wife, former wife, Tamek Foster, according to The Blast.

Usher and Miguel, who previously worked like Yes! the manager of the hitmaker, linked the relationship in 2015 and split earlier this year, publishing a joint statement confirming the separation.

She said: "After much thought and consideration, we decided to split as a couple together.

"We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue to support each other in the next stages of our lives. The huge amount of love and respect we have for each other will only increase as we move forward."

The singer had a messy 2018 year over claims that he had discovered two people on herpes.

An unidentified man, known only as John Do, appeared last year, arguing that he had sex with a R & B spa hitler for Los Angeles, and in June filed a request for forcing the singer to submit details of his medical history to the court , as well as information on all possible settlements in the past. That request has since been withdrawn.

John Do's original complaint was filed as part of a lawsuit filed by Quantias Sharpton who claims that the musician had been in danger by not informing him that he had had a sexually transmitted disease before linking to the Days Inn hotel after a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 2014.

She did not make herpes, but she joined forces with John Do and another woman, only named Jane Do, suing for unspecified damage due to their alleged sexual encounters with Usher.

The father of the two severely denied the allegations in the lawsuit, and previously requested the dismissal of the case.

He also fights Laura Helm's lawsuit that she has contracted herpes during unprotected sexual sessions with Usher in July 2017. The singer also denied her accusations.

December 29, 2018 / 07:52 o'clock | Story:

The embrace of actor John Malkovich helped Sandra Bullock channel the emotions she needed for a difficult scene in the new thriller Bird Box.

The Oscars winner acknowledges that trespassers falling on tin roof over it have made difficulty focusing on her performances against Love's adventive interest Rhodes, but veteran Malkovich knew just what she needed to pass the stage.

"We were in this house and had a tin roof," the actress recalls. "I use this scene, where I need to remember what I experienced by seeing my sister's death. I will be in the middle of telling this to Tre, and he will listen carefully, and then the iron will go down on the ceiling.

"It was like rainstorms and I just could not make the scene. Then, from the blue, John Malkovich comes around the corner and tugs my hands and just keeps me on, like, a few seconds and walks off.

"He simply closed it and then the pipeline came (for the stage)."

Bullock and Malkovich's apocalyptic thrillers began to squeeze on Netflix just before Christmas and became one of the biggest hits of the holidays, getting roaring reviews more times.

The staging of the starry star of a desperate, mummy-looking mother trying to find a colony of people after a terrible global event also inspired a series of memes.

The film was overseen by over 45 million people in its first week, breaking Netflix streaming entries.

A new post on the Twitter account of the company reads: "I concluded my connections this morning to find out that Netflix's 45,037,125 accounts have already seen Bird Box – the best first 7 days ever for Netflix!"


December 29, 2018 / 07:50 | Story:

Kanye West was "pleased" when his wife Kim Kardashian had a "slug" at their annual Christmas party.

The couple had all the party with the Winter Wonderland party held at their home in Calabasas, California, on Christmas Eve, with guests including family members like Kurti and Claude Kardashian and other A-list participants such as Jennifer Lopez, Dave Chapel, Kathy Griffin, and John Legend.

Kim wore a beautiful white cloak with spaghetti ribbons in the bash, and after going to retaliate for some fake snow with his old Paris Hilton, she suffered a defect in a wardrobe, including her dress – a little to Cani's surprise.

"I know, I know, I know," said Kim in a video clip of the fun of the founder of Spaghetti Boys, Kevin Frost, when she covered herself in a fur coat. "I just have to adjust. We were on the hill and it all came out, you know?"

Kanye then added: "She had a sip at the party of Christmas. I waited to wipe my way and now I'm satisfied!"

In addition, Kerwin interviewed a number of other guests on shindig, often interrupting to ask about their favorite Christmas memories and traditions.

And at one point, Kim prevented the interviewer from telling him that her daughter, North, five, was a bit confused about why he was carrying Santa's grandfather at the event.

"The north goes," Mom, there is someone who is not Santa Claus, who thinks they are Santa Claus, "said the 38-year-old." And I was like, "No no no. He's fine because Santa is really busy … he is on the North Pole right now, preparing everything. ""

December 29, 2018 / 7:48 pm | Story:

Zane Malik sparked speculation about the status of a relationship after it appeared that he had not picked up Gigi Hadid on Instagram.

The singer and supermodel began to get acquainted with the end of 2015, but they called the timing of their relationship in March, announcing the division announcing statements about their social media profiles. Although the couple confirmed they returned together in June, fans are now wondering if they have taken their separate ways again.

Jiggy, 23, still follows Instagram's Pillowtalk hitmaker, but her profile is not followed by Zayn (25), which was linked to only 28 users on Friday, including Reese Witherspoon, DJs Scott Mills and Nick Grimshaw and his older sister Doniya. Gigi's supermodel sister, Bella and Jolanda's mother, are also not listed on the British star.

While the celebrity couple is still watching each other on Twitter, fans also noticed that the fashion star did not divide her early with her boyfriend on social media since October 21. As a result, Instagram users took a Gigi profile to investigate their situation.

"Are you and Zayn still together or not?" one wrote, while another added: "Zayn and Gi Defo broke up, I just know."

The former singer One direction, who was engaged with Little Mix star Perry Edwards before starting his relationship with Gigi, previously admitted he was reluctant to "put a label" on his relationship with the Victoria Secret model.

"We are adults. We should not put a label on it, let's do something about people's expectations," he told GQ magazine in June.

December 29, 2018 / 07:46 | Story:

Miley Cyrus' father, Billy Ray Cyrus, shared the splits from his wedding with Liam Hemsworth to congratulate the couple for tying the knot.

The hitter of "Breaking Hurt" confirmed that he married actor "The Hunger Games", whom she met with "Last Song" in 2010, sharing photos of her intimate wedding in social media on Wednesday.

Her father now followed the example, sharing for herself, placing her with Miles and her mother Tish before the flower bow in the house. In the picture, Billy Ray and his wife wear black blazers and dark jeans, while Miley is dressed in her coat Vivienne Westwood of ivory and holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Congratulations to @ milileycyrus and @liamhemsworth! Live your love!" writes in the title. He used the same message along the grainy background of Miley and Liam wrapped in a tight hug.

He explained in another post that showed that newborns lower their two-tiered wedding cake in front of a small group of families and friends that the photo was taken from the old BlackBerry phone.

"The wedding will not be complete without one blow from Dads from a dated camera camera. Love seeing everyone so happy," he wrote.

Tish also shared two pictures of the three who stood in front of the flower vault and added: "This makes my heart so happy (heart-shaped emotions)."

Miley's sisters were also present on Noah and Brandy, as well as Liam's brothers, the Avengers star Chris and actor Louis Wesorld.

According to, the couple received a marriage permit in Williamson County, Tennessee, on December 18, five days before the weak key ceremony, which was originally announced on Monday, when their close friend Conrad Carr shared photos of him on his Instagram Stories.

December 29, 2018 / 7:44 pm | Story:

Emma Stone tackled the fact that she suffered 30 years after the start of the historic year feeling "gloomy".

In an interview with her favorite co-star Olivia Coleman for the February edition of British Vogue, the actress born in Arizona, 30 years old in November, admitted that while she felt for a while, her self-esteem grows and she no longer cares whether people love it.

"It has become dark for about a week," the actress announced on her birthday announcement. "But I realized that the most interesting part to become an adult, most things become bitter. I still find my voice.

"It's good if you do not like everyone, so it was a great lesson, not to overcome myself to win over the impenetrable one. Nobody knows what they are doing!" We are just a bunch of people who are trying to find out how to get through the day. "

After taking her one year of films after her best actress for the "Oscar" for 2016, the movie "La La Land", Emma admitted that she did not do much happily.

"I have not worked since last December" until the moment I re-work, there will be 14 months, "explains the actress who is currently gaining revolt criticism and many awards for her turning to The Favorite.

Asked what she was doing during the break, she replied: "F ** k, I do not know. I did not learn the language, I did not learn how to cook, I was a little … easy."

The period directed by George Lantimos is set in the queen of Queen Anne and the co-stars Olivia and Rachel Weiss, and focuses on the politics behind the scenes between two cousins ​​who want to be loved during the reign of the Queen in the early 18th century.

The film engages in the well-documented bisexuality of the queen, and Olivia told the magazine about a joke that she played on her co-star.

"I put a damp sponge between my legs (during an intimate scene), because I thought it would be fun for Emma to find," laughed. "You can see in her face the sudden look of horror."

28 December 2018 / 10:38 o'clock | Story:

Ariana Grande canceled the play for the days before New Year's Eve in Las Vegas "for unpredictable health reasons."

Grande was originally due to appear in Chelsea at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas on Saturday. The hotel said on Friday in a statement to the Associated Press that the pop star will not perform.

The hotel said guests can receive a refund at their point of purchase.

Grande has a busy year: Her song "Thank U, Next" passes her sixth week of No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, she recently won two Grammy nominations and was named Woman of the Year by Billboard. Her year included the end of her relationship with comedian actor Pitt Davidson and the death of her former boyfriend, Rapper Mac Miller.

28 December 2018 / 7:51 pm | Story:

Rihanna paid emotional respect to an admirer who died during Christmas.

The diamond singer on Thursday shared her independence with Fan Monica at Instagram and revealed to her fans, known as Rihanna, that she died after a battle with cancer.

"Sea angels! This Christmas, we lost the wonderful spirit that was like a pillar of strength! Most of our friendship went to a hospital or doctor's office!" Rihanna writes. "This picture was only a few months ago, she looked at me and said:" Cancer cancer has returned "I will never forget the fear in her eyes this day!

"However, she moved forward, fighting the fight every day with the navy behind it and supporting every step of the way! We are all broken for this! It will never be forgotten!" I want your angel "My" to fly in peace. "

The 30-year-old also shared the videos of them hugging, talking to each other and posing for the images of "Savage X Fenty Pop-Up" in London in June, along with the title: "Mistake already sis @ moniasto" with a broken heart and an angel emojis. She published two pictures of Monies on her stories "Instagram" and added halo to the stories.

Monica, who saved all her posts on Instagram Stories from her encounters with Rihanna on her page, fought the cancer three times and updated her followers on her health journey. In early December, she shared a hidden commentary on support Rihanna sent to Instagram.

"We all pray for you! Your strength and ability to indulge in beauty in your spirit through everything, even in the midst of trouble, is incredibly inspiring!" she wrote. "I can not start imagining what you are feeling, so I want you to know that we are all here for you and I encourage NAVY to gather around you during these times!

December 28, 2018 / 7:48 | Story:

The Tomb Raider star Dominique West has fueled the pain for the next James Bond, pointing out that 007 should be transhuman.

The British actor, who has often been in discussions about the Bond liturgy, believes that the days of "superfi" as a female literal have been completed – and he has only a person for the role – Coleta's wife, Jake Graf's wife, Hannah.

"Maybe Bond's transgender will be cool," the West told The Sunday Times. "There is a very cool woman who is an actor's wife in Colette, who is a captain in electrical engineers, the highest transsexual soldier in the army.

"She is a beautiful blonde girl who could be a Bond, it's actually a brilliant idea. They should have a transnational Bond, because there are many transgender people in the army, they would be ideal because they can do everything."

Both Count and his wife are identified as transgender.

Since then, Hannah responds to Dominique's approval via Twitter, insisting her husband is the man for the role.

"If you really want a transnational Bond, then I can not think of anyone better than @ JakeGraf1." "A gentle, damn nice and actually an actor!" she wrote.

Daniel Craig is expected to retire as 007 – a role he plays for more than a decade – after his fifth Bond film, to be released in 2020.

Идрис Елба, Том Харди, Том Хидлстон и Хенри Голдинг се меѓу омилените фанови кои ја преземаат улогата, додека ѕвездата на "Олдерланд", Сем Хејган, неодамна откри дека е аудитирана за улогата.

Актерот рече: "Одамна отидов на аудиција за Бонд, кога тие го повторуваа со Даниел Крег, кога тој беше Бонд 21. Тие требаше да помнат со него и тоа беше прилично добро искуство".

28 декември, 2018 / 07:43 | Story:

Макаулеј Калкин е законски да го промени своето средно име на Макаулеј Калкин.

Во ноември, поранешната детска ѕвезда објави дека поставил анкета на веб-страницата на неговиот животен стил BunnyEars и ги повикала навивачите да гласаат за она што мислат дека неговото ново средно име треба да биде.

Изборите ги вклучуваат Макаулеј Калкин, Неделата на ајкула, Киран, TheMcRibIsBack и публицитетот трик, а сега, Макаулеј го презеде на Твитер за да ја сподели победничката опција.

"Среќен Божик за мене, од сите вас! Мое ​​ново средно име е избрано. Вие гласавте и победникот е јасен", напиша тој. "Во 2019 година моето ново правно име ќе биде: Макауле Макаулеј Калкин Калкин. Има убав прстен за тоа (ако ви се допаѓа моето име). #MerryChristmas."

Повеќе од 60.000 луѓе гласаа за опцијата Макаулај Калкин, додека другите четири избори добија помеѓу 7.500 и 14.500 гласови.

Реалното средно име Макалеј е Карсон, кое неговите родители го избраа како почит на американскиот пограничник Кит Карсон.

Сепак, за време на едно неодамнешно интервју на "The Tonight Show" со Џими Фалон, актерот од домашната сала објасни дека го нашол Макаули Карсон да звучи премногу "ирски".

"Неодамна гледав во мојот пасош и го разгледував моето средно име, моето сегашно средно име е Карсон – мора да го кажеш Макаулеј Карсон Кулкин (со ирски акцент) – и си помислив:" Веројатно би требало да ја подмачкам името малку ", рече 38-годишниот, пред да додаде неговите хумористични избори. "Значи, (би можел да бидам) Макауле Макаулај Калкин Калкин. Ако некој ми се дознае на аеродромот и вели:" Извинете, дали сте Макаулеј Калкин? " Можам да одам, "Макалеј Калкин е моето средно име." "

Макалеј додаде дека неговиот брат Киран Кулкин предложил Киеран да направи добро средно име, TheMcribIsBack бил инспириран од хамбургерот McDonald's McRib, додека неговата девојка Бренда Сонг го сонувала Публицитетот трик.

28 декември, 2018 / 07:40 | Story:

Ариана Гранде, наводно, во разговорите ќе го најави Манчестер Пријд повеќе од две години по терористичкиот напад на нејзиниот концерт во англискиот град.

На 22 мај 2017 година, 22 лица загинаа, а откако бомбата беше активирана, додека обожавателите ја напуштаа претставата Ариана во Манчестер Арената, а по две седмици се вратија во британскиот град за да го примат ѕвездата на "One Love" Манчестер.

Кога беа објавени У.К. за нејзината светска турнеја "Слаткајнер", фановите истакнаа дека таа не е запишана во Манчестер, а 25-годишната ги увери дека работи на нешто "посебно".

Според британскиот весник "Сонце", Ариана разговара со организаторите на Манчестер Пријд, еден од најдолготрајните ЛГБТК гордости на УК, за да го најави свирката на 25 август.

"Манчестер има многу посебно место во срцето на Ариана и таа е јасно дека сака да направи што и да може за градот", рече извор. "Таа беше во преговори да настапи на Манчестер Пајд оваа година, но за жал тие едноставно не можеа да ја направат работата поради разни причини до просторот и безбедноста. Но советот и Ариана беа толку желни да го направат тоа, тие земаа разговори за 2019 и сега изгледа како таа да го нацрта вечерта во неделата.

"Тоа ќе биде навистина посебно ако не успее, особено со оглед на тоа колку Аријана значи за сите во градот".

Ариана, која стана почесен граѓанин на градот за нејзиниот одговор на нападот, ќе биде на европскиот дел од нејзината турнеја кога се одржува Манчестер Пајд. Ногата започнува на Лондонската О2 Арена на 17 август, а таа ќе има дводневна пауза од 25 и 26 август, помеѓу датуми во Амстердам и Париз.

На прашањето од навивач зошто таа само застанува во Лондон, Бирмингем и Шефилд кога е во УК, Ариана го увери корисникот на Твитер дека ќе се врати во Манчестер.

"Потребно ни е малку повеќе време да ги поврземе работите пред да го објавиме тој датум, но, се разбира, доаѓаме и те сакаме", објасни таа.

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