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Gas prices fall more? – Kelowna News

The Penticton gas war ended, but Okanagan residents can expect that prices will remain at their current relatively low levels – and may even fall further.

Prices in Kelowna fell by a few cents to 117.9 on Wednesday, the lowest they were in months, and Canada's fuel expert expects it to fall further.

"There is more room for falling prices," said Dan Mackag of "Retailers do not need much more than $ 1.03 or $ 1.04 to buy their fuel, so it probably has room for another three to four percent reduction over the next few days."

Meanwhile, Penticton enjoys a short gas war that ended on Wednesday. Prices dropped to 94.9 cents per liter during the battle, but most of the locations reached even the 99-cents range.

"Obviously, someone decided that he wants a bigger market share and is ready to use his deep pockets to get it," Mektega said. "It's not that the census is extraordinarily high, and then they have to be liquidated on the basis of selling fire, because they all pay pretty much for gasoline, taxes, within a few pennies from each other."

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Kelowna RCMP is turning to the public to help monitor a young man who has not been seen since October.

Lucas Tessier-Maynard, 19, was reported missing on December 28, after he was last heard on October 16, 2018.

"Kelowna RCMP is seeking any information that may lead to its location or confirmation of its well-being," reads the police bulletin. "It's not a character missing for this period and there are no known means of support."

Investigators believe that Tessie-Maynard may have left Okanagan.

He is described as Caucasian, five meters-seven, 110 kg with brown hair and eyes.

Anyone who has information about his place of residence is called to contact Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300, or criminal switches at 1-800-222-8477.

UPDATE: 2:45 pm

Castanet's discredited reader noticed the property of Kelowna, which is listed in a significant amount of $ 10.5 million on Hobson Road.

A 38.3 acre estate at the 380 Lochview Road was estimated at $ 13,629,529, from $ 12,989,529 last year. The impressive house, completed in 2005, features six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

While the property is estimated much higher than 4358 Hobson Road that PC Assessment claims to be the highest estimated property, P. K. Assessment Katrina Leniuri says she is excluded from their list on purpose.

"Part of it is in a farm class, and since it's not Class 1 (residential), it was removed from the list," Lenouri said.

She says she compared only the owners of the residential class in an attempt to compare them "as with similar ones."

"There are still very nice, high-quality properties," she said. "It's amazing that it took eight years to build that house."

ORIGINAL: 12:15 pm.m.

Once again, the highest rated home in Thompson Okanagan is a one-bedroom home with four bedrooms, at 1.76 acres in the Lower Kelowna mission.

Estimates of the property for 2019 were announced today, and residents of more than 208,000 properties in Okanagan can expect to receive their notices, which reflect market values ​​from July 1, 2018, by post this week.

The most expensive property estimated in the region is at 4358 Hobson Rd., With a total value of 10,553,000 dollars. This includes a land value of $ 5,643,000 and a building value of $ 4,910,000.

Last year, the same property was the first one-family home in the region that exceeded the $ 10 million estimate.

The neighborhood of the Hobson Road is the highest rated in the region, with nine of the top 40 homes that are found there.

Top 25 rated homes in the region can be found on the interactive map above.

Not surprisingly, the property of the water is highly valued. The top 45 prized properties are all in the water, either on Okanagan Lake or Kalamalka Lake.

While 4358 Hobson Rd. is the highest-estimated property, a four-bedroom house and two 27-hectare bathrooms at the end of Lakeshore Road is currently on the list for an incredible $ 20 million.

Overall, Kelowna's estimated value rose seven percent last year, from an average of $ 590,000 to $ 632,000. This is a significant slowdown compared to the 17 percent that increased the previous year.

Similarly, property values ​​rose by six percent in West Kelowna, seven percent in the lake, and eight percent in Penticton and Vernon.

The most prized home in the entire province is $ 73,120,000, a seven-bedroom home in Kitilano, owned by the founder of Lululamon Chip Wilson. The home fell more than $ 5.7 million in the estimated value of last year.

Values ​​of individual values ​​can be found on the PC's website.


January 2, 2019 / 14:17 | Story:

At least seven Canadians died after being trapped in baskets for donation of clothes, and the latest mortality caused an advocate to call "deadly traps" immediately fixed or removed.

A 34-year-old man was found housed in a garbage bin in Western Vancouver on Sunday, the fifth in the province to die the same way since 2015.

A 32-year-old man was found dead in a donation box in Cambridge, Ont in November, and a man in his 20s died in a similar container in Calgary in July 2017.

Professor Ray Taheri of the Okanagan Engineering School at the University of British Columbia says the death of B.C. the woman in a pet bunny in July last year urged his students to work in ways to renovate the baskets.

He says that the removal of up to 2000 bins in British Columbia would cost too much, and the best solution would be to change their design as quickly as possible using the ideas his students faced.

Jeremy Hunca of the Mission of the Union in the Vancouver Gospel says many homeless people depend on clothing containers and others may try to use them as shelter in cold weather – but they are so dangerous that charities need to get rid of them and find other ways to collect donations.

Madison Erhart

New Year, New You?

This season should be brought to the New Year's resolutions.

Every January 1, millions of Canadians start the new year with a resolution to improve or improve their lives in some way.

Regardless of the resolution, many do not spend the first week, regardless of the rest of the year.

Castanet hit the streets, wondering what your New Year's resolutions are?

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Environment Canada has now issued a winter storm warning that applies to the Kohihala Highway – Hope for Merritt.

Dangerous winter conditions are expected.

Canada's environment predicts a total accumulation of snowfall over 35 centimeters for the fall of the highway at the end of Thursday as an intense passive frontline of the Pacific's system over South British Columbia starting this afternoon.

There is the potential for freezing rain over the sections of the highway Thursday morning and early afternoon while the low makes the ground floor and the associated warm front moves through the area.

The snow will change in the rain late on Thursday afternoon or on Thursday night, when the level of freezing will climb over the top in response to the transition to a warm front.

Weather warning is in effect through Rogers Pass on the Tran-Canada Highway as well.

Much of the province is covered by warnings for Wednesday, including a snow alert warning that applies to:

Arrows Lakes – Slocan Lake, where is expected 15 cm snow. Bright snow will be severe late on Wednesday afternoon and in the evening when a silent frontal system is set up in the south of British Columbia.

Most likely communities that receive 15 centimeters of snow will be areas north of Nacuspa to Galena and a higher terrain to southeast to New Denver.

The snow will continue on Thursday, but no significant accumulations are expected.

ORIGINAL 5:00 am

While the remains of the hurricane that struck Okanagan last Friday and Saturday remain on the ground, it could be on the road.

Snow periods were predicted for Kelowna Wednesday, up to two centimeters, while Vernon could see up to four centimeters. Penticton has 60 percent chance.

Cindy Yu, environmental meteorologist Canada, says two separate time systems are moving across the interior today and tomorrow.

Both systems can bring up to 15 inches of snow to the Kohikala highway on Wednesday night.

Temperatures are expected to increase in the lower lower Thursday, with precipitation falling as rain rather than snow in Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton.

Both systems could be good news for skiers and borders, with a snow forecast of up to 10 centimeters to hit the Great White Wednesday, followed by another four centimeters on Thursday.

Hundreds of people had a very cold start to 2019 on Tuesday.

For the fifth year, the Association for Community Recreational Initiatives held its annual polar bubble immersed in the Kegun Tugboat Beach.

Dawn Widdifield, executive director of CRIS Adaptive Adventures, says the event has increased in size every year, and she estimates there are some 1,500 people at the 2019 event.

While many were there to cheer for friends and family, Watchfield said 425 people signed a waiver to jump into the frigid waters of Okanagan Lake.

"There were tons of people, they went without a swim, everyone got out of the water, what are all important things," said Watchfield. "It was really, really good."

Through donations and sale of goods, the event attracted about $ 4,500 for CRIS Adaptive Adventures, a local non-profit group that helps people with disabilities experience outdoor recreation.

"They will be provided with open opportunists for people with disabilities, will go directly to our programs," said Watchfield. "It may mean purchasing a specialized piece of adaptive equipment or upgrading one of our existing devices."

Volunteers help people use CRIS services for travel around Okanagan and beyond.

"We made trips to Mission Creek Park and Paul's grave and Kalamoir Park so that all the local things, and we also did not travels outside the Sovereign Lake, just outside of Vernon We want to go to Telemark, to the Nordic Center there, said Watchfield. "We make a lot of canoeing on Okanagan Lake, the Kalksko Lake, Wood Lake, and we regularly travel through the Mission Creek Park."

Vidiffield says breaking barriers in the open is very important and can be extremely valuable.

"The physical aspect of getting out and recreating in nature is really, really crucial, but it has such a big social aspect. The impact it has on people's mental health and that kind of thing is huge."

Kelowna's athletes team headed for the world's largest multi-sport youth games.

The Kelowna team is ready to compete at the International Children's Games in the former Olympic city of Lake Placid, New York, from January 6-11. Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics in 1932 and in 1980.

"We are very excited that our local athletes will attend the International Children's Games in Lake Plecid and will have the opportunity to compete and experience the Games at such a prestigious location," Kelowina Deputy Mayor Jaile Daul said.

"Congratulations to our team of hockey teams, biathletes and athletes on the field and their trainers. I wish them best when they will compete for Kelona in early January at the next children's winter games"

The games in January expect 33 different cities to attend from 14 countries. Kelowna is one of the six Canadian cities that go to the Games. Other Canadian cities include Port Moody, Penticton, Hamilton, Windsor and Anscaster, Ont.

This is the thirteenth International Children's Game, attended by the Kelowna team.

With more than 60 centimeters of snow on the Great White in the past week, the resort reminds skiers and borders to move from wells.

The holes of the tree are formed when the low branches in the base of the trees prevent the snow from compacting, creating a pocket of loose snow that can turn into a dangerous trap if someone falls into it. The depth of the tree can be almost impossible to determine.

"Tree holes are one of the most potentially dangerous dangers there," said Chris Hirlouse, chief of the skiing patrol of Big Weil. "

"Always ski or drive with a friend and stay in visual contact with each other. If that fails, stop and call."

One person fell upside down in the tree well in Big White this past Saturday, but was rescued by their partner.

Big White says the best way to avoid wells is to stay on some running, but if you ski or ride in the field, you give the trees a wide berth.

If you find yourself caught in a good tree, do as much as possible to keep your head above the surface of the snow and hold your feet under your head.

"Hello or use your whistle to get your partner's attention or a close rider's attention," Big White said in a recent press release. "Stay calm and resist the need to fight – this will save energy. Finally, believe someone is asking you."

If your partner falls into a good tree, immediately start cleaning the snow from the airways on your face, tunneling in the direction of the head.

UPDATE: 3:40 pm.

The first baby of the year in British Columbia came to the world for a midnight.

Baby Dominique Sosva was born at the Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster to Janet Shimizu and Lucas Sosva, just as the fireworks brightened the sky at 12:01.

A baby of eight pounds and three ounces arrived through a caesarean section.

Ms. Jenet Shimizu says that the family is healthy and happy.

Shimizu says she thought Dominique would arrive on December 31, but her work stopped and doctors decided that it would be best for her to have a caesarean section.

This is the couple's first baby.

"We feel very tired, but we feel very, very good," she said.

The new mother said she wanted her son to be just and happy.

"My partner wants to be a surgeon," she said, laughing, adding that Sosva was an orthopedic surgeon from Langley.

For now the family wants to rest and get to sleep.

The baby in the new year is the first of nearly 42,000 babies expected to be born in the province this year.

– with files from the Canadian press


Hugo Kyle, the first child born in the Inner Health Region in 2019, was born at 01:58 am at the Kelowna General Hospital.

Francine and Stuart Kyle rushed to the hospital at 1 am and Hugo was born for an hour. He was the fourth child of the couple, all born in KGH.

"We were not here for a long time, the midwife did not even have time to drink, she continued with her regular outfit," said Stewart.

Hugo was born with a weight of eight pounds, 11 ounces.

While Hugo spent the December 31st, Stewart said he always knew that Hugo would be a baby from January 1st.

"I said we would have the first baby of the year, my wife did not believe me," he said. "I was proved true."

Outside south, the first baby of Penncton in 2019 was Sadie Hill, born at Penticton Hospital at 4:51 am weighing six kilograms, 11 ounces.

The first baby from 2019 in the province was born at 12:01 am at the Royal Columbia Hospital in New Westminster, weighing about eight pounds 3 ounces.

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