Friday , July 30 2021

Gas falls 2 cents of PE.

The new year brought a new gas price for island drivers, with a drop of two cents, taking a liter of gas below one dollar.

The price of a regular unleaded petrol pump in self-service stores will now range from $ 0.957 to $ 0.968 per liter. This price includes tax adjustments previously announced by the provincial government.

Also, the reduced time for regulating prices from the Commission for regulation and appeals on the island are furnaces and stoves, reducing by three cents per liter.

The maximum price for cooking oil will be $ 0.844 per liter, plus tax.

Diesel prices have fallen by four cents per liter, and pump prices now range from 1,147 to 1,158 dollars per liter.

Propane is the only fuel to see an increase. It rose 1.5 cents per liter for irrigation energy distribution and marketing, and up to 0.8 cents per liter for Superior Propane. Kenmac Energy Inc. there will be no changes.

The maximum price of propane before tax will now range from 0.783 to 0.79 dollars per liter.

IRAC says continuing reductions in wholesale gasoline, oven and diesel prices make further cuts in prices posted on Tuesday.

The next commissioned commission will be on January 15.

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