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Game of the Year 2018: # 3 – Marvel Spiderman

PS3 Game of the Year # 3 of the Spider-Man of Marvel

Many things went wrong with the Marvel Spider. Such a beloved person brings with him a huge list of expectations from millions of fans, and while the career of video games of the superhero has its moments, there are several titles that left the players a little cold. When you consider the pressure on Insomniac games to deliver a brilliant game of Spider-Man, it does what the studio has achieved even more impressively. This is one of the most entertaining titles of 2018, and probably the best game of Spidey to date.

Insomniac working with Marvel and Sony on a game with a head on the web sounded like a competition made in heaven, and it was absolute. The studio broke it. Manhattan is a real joy to break through thanks to an endlessly fun web swinging, making you feel unbelievable as you smoke and throw through the horizon. When you simply get from A to B in the open world, you are aware that you know that you are a winner, and this game rarely, if at all, puts obstacles in your path.

Fighting is also just fun to retreat. Using a mixture of melee, environmental attacks and gadgets, the fighting feels improvisational in the best way; there's a lot of nonsense to get off, but it's ultimately your choice in the way you use all of Spidey's abilities and equipment. It makes for a fight that is fast, diverse and compulsive. This means that while many of the unwanted activities include gang holes, it does not become boring.

Perhaps the greatest triumph, however, is a surprisingly well-realized story and characters. Many licensed games have fairly narrative narratives, but Insomniac tells a completely original story about 23-year-old Peter Parker, who is able to take care of his care, his relationship and cooperation with Mary-Jane, involving Aunt May in FEAST shelter and brilliant chief villain. It is unique between the fiction of Spider-Man, and writing and direction make it feel at home with the Sony exclusive.

When you add everything together, the amount of Love Insomniac for the character is as clear as the day. Even beyond the great story and brilliantly fun game, the game is a jam filled with references, Easter eggs and details that are whipped on a cake. Every day, it's always interesting – or some kind of exercise or reference to other Spider-Man's fantasies, and there are definitely some movements in other games and movies shown throughout the story. Among the alternative lawsuits, the fake social network, and even the ability of five citizens on the street, this feels like a game made by fans for fans.

The whole Insomniac effort obviously paid off, as it was an escape success, both in terms of receipt and sales. It's a huge achievement for the studio, because it has not only brought stellar action adventures, but also has secured its position as one of the best developers in the business. The game is confident, thickened and blast from start to finish. Of course there are more ambitious games on the PS4, with larger open-worlds or more innovative features, but few are as thoroughly pleasing as the Marvel Spider-Man.

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