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Futurists are hitting Tesla model X … and his view of future changes

January 1, 2019 from Matt Priman

Originally published on EVANEX.

Daniel Burus is the author of seven books, including the best sellers Flash predictability and TechnoTrends. On New York Times is called him as one of the top three business gurus in spectacularly high demand as a speaker. It turns out that Burus recently decided it was time for a new SUV. Something unusual happened when he decided to take Tesla Model X to test drive.

He recounts that he also takes test drives with the latest sports cars from BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Cadillac. "However, it was when I drove Tesla Model X that I felt like driving in the future. After that test drive, my look at other brands was changed." All others immediately felt like a past, "says Burus.

"The purchase of a car has always been a left brain and an experience with the right brain. On the one hand, we would like to buy this self-exiting dream car, the one that we would like to have our emotional, creative side. a rational, logical, intelligent mind wants the car to be safe, economical and not too expensive. Tesla has found a way to do both, "Burus said. Assigned, the company's X model is expensive. However, Model 3 offers it Tesla experience at a lower price.

Funny, futuristic models Tesla Model X (Image:Tesla)

"Tesla already offers a wealth of future-oriented features – features that can save lives, features that you know we all have one day – [which] has the power to change the way that potential customers think, "notes Bruce. He adds," From a perspective on a customer perspective, it's a powerful change. At any time, the competition may seem to offer the functions and functions of yesterday, and you offer tomorrow, you can accelerate growth. "

The last book of Burus, Precautionary: turn on the distortion and change in opportunity and advantage, is Amazon # 1 Hot new edition for business. Futurists point to Tesla's Elon Mash as a great example of this phenomenon. He writes: "Tesla, like the Amazon, is what I call the Observing Organization, which identifies hard trends that will happened, and then uses that knowledge to turn the disorder and change it to its greatest advantage. "

Daniel Burus will enter model X Tesla; Right: Burus's last book, Anti-piracy organization (Picture through Burrus Research)

And this advantage extends beyond Tesla's customers. It's recruiting the edge as well. Burus asks: "With all this in mind, where would I want the greatest young talent to work? Ford, General Motors or Tesla? I doubt that Tesla will attract the talent, because today shows the future."

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Matt Primanman is for Tesla. He is a TSLA investor, previously ordered a Model 3 and wants to drive the family cars S and Model X. As co-founder of EVANNEX, a family business specializing in Tesla accessories, he served as Associate / Editor at the University of Electric Vehicles EWI) and its own model S and preparing for model 3 books. He writes daily about Tesla and you can follow his work on the EVANNEX blog.

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