Tuesday , January 19 2021

Further details behind Sasha Banks and Bailey Situation

Dave Melzer from Wrestler Observer reported through the latest episode of Radio Wrestling Observer by Gareth Gonzales that perhaps they may have thought more about why Sasha Banks and Bailey were disturbed by the loss of WWE Women's Tag Team titles in WrestleMania than just gold. The following is written by WOR (transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo from WrestleZone):

Meltzer: "So Bayley something that was to be done with Sasha Banks / Bailey things are very unhappy not only that they lose the championship I found on Sunday, but were told they were sharing the team. Again, he put on this way: I do not know how this will affect Sasha banks and nobody knows even what is happening with Sasha Banks because she was not reserved for this week's TV since she was given a couple of weeks (she's reserved for PPV, but whether she will be there or we do not know), but she was given a few weeks to re-examine when she was de to abandon private.

"The thing is, I do not know if I will help her help, but I think it was very clear she will not help Bailey, this division of the team."

Gonzalez: "She was not well received tonight."

Meltzer: "And I heard that it was worse live than it came out on TV. I heard it was very bad. It could be just one crowd, because the crowd got used to the night before, and not even tell it, honestly.

"The way I was explained was that fans were excited about Becky Lynch against Ember Meoun and when Bailey came out and interrupted them, they accuse Bailey of having interrupted their eventual game by Becky Lynch / Ember Messe who wanted to see what was unique , so that's how it was explained. "

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