Saturday , July 31 2021

From there: Great idea – let the children handle their own dental surgery

And I write really fast, because just to survive this moment, it makes me very bright. I will go quickly to rest and get water and fresh air …

… GOOD. I feel a little better.

So, to retrieve, for some very good reasons (my sensitivity to dental work) and some very bad reasons (my sensitivity to using days off for dental work), we decided that girls can manage this only well.

They went to dental surgery. Everything was fine. Then instant messaging started. And I promise, except punctuation and vulgarity, they are unrealized.

"She makes lunch there".

It was the first text of the sister, Jessica.

Oh, no. Ruckuses do not sound like a positive thing in the wisdom of teeth extraction.

She just cried aloud, "Ow! "and now they say:" Emma, ​​Emma, ​​Emma, ​​Emma ".

So, again, behind the background, Emma should be unconscious at this point. When someone tries to remove your wisdom teeth, the unconscious is where you want to be.

"It sounded like trying to get up," Jessica writes, adding, for some reason, "LOL".

I feel like LOL is abusing a lot. I mean, that should mean "laugh out loud", right? But I've seen people LOL LOL when I know they're not really laughing, because what I wrote was not so funny. And this was not the moment LOL.

After LOL we got more messages.

"Oh, they say a lot" Emma, ​​"again … She shouts again."

What's going on there?

"I think she constantly passes, then wakes up to shout, then she goes back."

I felt pretty good that I was not there, but very bad about what was happening.

"Hahaha she was cunning and could not get her out," Jessica tells us. Again, I'm not sure that the "Hahaha" is guaranteed.

The messages stopped there because the dentist would not be able to do so unless Jessica entered the room and held Em's hand, retained the smell or, if it did not, hung her, to stop shouting and allegedly trying is to bite the dentist.

Emma plunged into consciousness.

"I do not remember anything of this."

And if I was there, I would not remember any of it.

Chuck Brown can be reached at [email protected]

Chuck Brown can be reached at [email protected]

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