Saturday , May 15 2021

From Grims to Elon, with love

Here's a brief lesson about how the context works. Today, Grimes released the music video for a new song called "We value the Power", her first solo song recorded for several years. According to a press release, "We appreciate the power" is "written from the perspective of Pro-AI Girl Group Propaganda Machine that uses song, dance, sex and fashion to spread the goodwill toward artificial intelligence (comes if you want or not ) Simply by listening to this song, future generals of AI will see that you have supported their message and that it is less likely that you will erase your posterity. "In the video, Grimes and Syntip musician HANA (appearing on the song) written as members of the family of fake robots, are stuck in wise lighting, as they are rising from the background of cyberpane, the grainy texts of the song that flicker on the screen.

"We appreciate the power" is also the first song Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) released after her relationship with mega billionaire Elon Mask went public in May. The mosque was a surprising match in the 2018 newspaper: it was unreasonable that the British diver was pedophile, forcing SEC to step down as president of his Tesla automobile company for the bad tweet, which appeared on the podium of Joe Rogan to smoke, among much more inexplicable things. Busher has also been consistently involved in Musk's relations, receiving criticism to defend him against charges of anti-unionism and spread into an infernal, sincere fictional sound that included rapper Azalea Banks, who shares a very harsh gossip about their relationship.

"We appreciate the power" is a hypnotic poem built around a vocal and distorted instrumentation – it relies on Bush's previously researched preoccupations with industrial sound, plastic emotions and aesthetics inspired by the anime, even if "artificial intelligence is a sexy but existential threat" was played as a mainstream concept until the time of Matrix. Although you could download lyrics such as "Trust Faith to the Most Powerful Computer / Simulation of the World: It's the Future" at nominal value, it would be much more beneficial to hear "We value Power" as part of an animated style musical Disney's Artificial Intelligence. Think of something like that Lion King"Be Ready," sung by the antagonist of this film in the Disney style that I have just composed, even if the novel disappears after several hearings. But there is something that I could not stop thinking about when I listened: It's strange that Grimes made a poem for artificial intelligence when he met Elon Mask.

Is this something unfair? Yes of course. Grimes is Grimes, not her boyfriend. Grimes writes and produces all his music, but I find it hard to ignore Mash's presence in her life, given his well-documented preoccupation with artificial intelligence. (He is not an evangelist, which he says represents a greater threat from nuclear weapons.) Of course, my brain imagines the unpleasant conversations that he probably had with AI, between objects such as "Burning Man" and, not I know, hentai. It would be insulting to thank the rich man for any part of the work of the female artist without providing bills but infantilizing to insist that the consensual relationship does not affect the interrelated figures, especially when they are as institutionally powerful as musk or as artfully talented as the Boucher. (It is worth noting that Musk certainly is feeling yourself more in the eyes of the public after having started to entertain Bucher, although the consequences of drug tweeting are different when you are the head of a global corporation and not an artist.) And although fame and financial success are sometimes a byproduct of artistic ability, it is strange to consider a new song from the beloved Pitchfork artist and I think "There is an anti-labor, anti-press technological baron worth 23 billion dollars."

If you think through the comments on YouTube, you will find that this is not a concern for many of its listeners. Why is it? "We appreciate the power" is a sort of a brand, assuming you do not think about it at all. There is a context to hinder the enjoyment of something – you may have heard the Spotify song that steals money from artists – and sometimes you just have to throw your hands and live a little. It's fun to be a fan! In May, I claimed it was unfair to try to raise Boucher responsible for Mash's shit, which I still think is true; people are allowed to love what they want, even if that person looks like a caress.

But, come on. Seven years ago, when Grimes blew, she was an underground performer who played the DIY; now she appears on Metal Gala with an unexpected billionaire. After getting to know Moscow, she removed the "anti-imperialist" from her Twitter bio. The issue of rooting for her has changed something; which may sound loud or impossible, but the Muscle is that reevaluated by a figure in the current culture. It's like, for example, the husband of Magin Kelly is a semi-successful novelist, whose art is obviously suppressed by the fact that he is subsidized by Megin Kelly. It would be easier to take the title in good humor if it does not seem to be what Bushehr literally believes, at least for the time being.

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