Saturday , April 17 2021

Ford defends the $ 5m defamation claim of Brad Blair, calling him an "insane"

Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford fired after being hit by a $ 5 million defamation lawsuit from former PWM lawmaker Brad Blair, denying that he had done anything wrong in claiming Mr Blair had violated the Law on Police Services.

Ford's lawyers said the prime minister had fought against "vicious" public attacks when he commented last year about a former high-ranking police officer in the Ontario province who is now suing.

In a defense statement filed Friday in the Court of Justice in Ontario, Ford said his comments came "in response to a calculated, widely publicized, public, malicious and unprovoked personal and political attack" by Blair.

Mr Blair allegedly defamed his reputation for political gain when the prime minister said the officer had violated the publication with publicly disclosing questions about the appointment of Ron Taverner, a longtime friend of the Ford family as a POM commissioner.

Ford's statement says his comments are true, justified, spoken for example with qualified privileges and represent an opinion and fair comment. She also said Mr Blair's claim for defamation was an attempt "to strangle Prime Minister Ford to speak as a duly elected Prime Minister of Ontario".

The "attack," according to a defense statement, refers to Mr Blair's letter to the Ontario Ombudsman, Paul Dubé, on December 11, 2018. The prime minister said the letter expresses Blair "inappropriately" using his position to advance his interests.

Mr Blair filed a $ 5 million defamation lawsuit against Ford in late March.

Taverner appointment has led to controversy

Blair, who topped the PPP post, sought an investigation into Taverner's appointment to the PPL as a new force commissioner, saying the initial job announcement required candidates to rank as deputy chief of police or higher in a major police service – Taverner's criterion did not meet.

Taverner later withdrew from the appointment process, citing controversy over his appointment. The government appointed Thomas Carice, deputy chief of the regional regional police, to the site.

Brad Blair filed a $ 5 million lawsuit in the Ontario Supreme Court on March 15th over Prime Minister Blair's comments that he had violated the Law on Police Services. (Provincial Police in Ontario)

Blair also published titles as an informer who revealed Ford plans to spend $ 50,000 to adjust the van through the PPL.

He is now fired from the provincial police. The government said the decision came from the public service, as it established that Blair's court filing in the ombudsman's case contained confidential information about the PPL.

The former officer's lawyer said his client never received a complaint about a police service lawsuit or any information that he had violated allegedly that the prime minister's words would lead to an average person believe that Blair is someone who violates the law.

Ford's lawyers said Blair's lawsuit was an abuse of the process and required it to be rejected.

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