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Five collectible coins that could save your wealth in 2019

There are numerous new coins coming this year – choose the right one and you can make money for paper.

The Royal Mint is a celebration of the wishes of Sherlock Holmes, Samuel Pepy and Queen Victoria with new coins in 2019.

And every year one or two end up in value far more than the value of the front of the problem.

In 2018, Coventry Leway published coins in which Beatrix Potter and Paddington liked the bear who changed hands more than their supposed value.

This year, the Mirror reports that there are numerous new coins – including the two with the longest ruling British monarchs ever.

There is also a tribute to Staffordshire ceramic giant Wedgwood – founded by Jossa Wedgwood, a member of the Moon Lunar Society West Midlands, a collection of great minds that changed the world during the Industrial Revolution.

Nicola Howell, Consumer Business Director at Royal Mint, said: "Our design from 2019 contains many important people, events and creations that have a longstanding role in British life and culture.

"These limited edition presentations are the only way to get all these coins in one set and the perfect way to mark the special moments in the year that follows."

This is a drop in the new coins on the road:

Sherlock Holmes 50p

The classic silhouette of Sherlock Holmes, which consists of a tube and a hefty hat, will appear at a commemorative song of 50 years on the occasion of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 160th birthday.

The image of the world-renowned literary detective is surrounded by Sir Arthur's stories of the stories, including the "The boserville gossip" and "The sign of the four".

The creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has inspired generations of adaptations, re-imaginings, tributes and more.

The man himself gloriously only took a first class vocal into an insignificant cricket career – the one of WG Grace. He also played in the same team as the creator of Peter Pan, JM. Berry and Jeeves and Wooster by P. Mr. Waterhouse.

Day coin 2 pounds

The 75th anniversary of the day D flight on June 6 will be marked with a 2-pound coin. The Allied invasion of Normandy in 1944 was the biggest sea invasion in history.

The coin shows the locations of landings in Normandy, naming the leaping beaches – Utah, Omaha, Gold, June and Sword.

Samuel Payne's coin £ 2

Diarist Samuel Pays, who wrote the Great Fire in London and the plague, will also be honored with a £ 2 coin, 350 years after his last entry.

When the news of the fire reached him, Pappes famously gathered what precious things he could, and then – to keep a safe – buried wine and Parmesan cheese. Cheese has never been found.

Welgwood ceramics £ 2 coin

The 260th anniversary of the founding of one of the world's best cooking companies will also be celebrated with Wedgwood Ceramics of £ 2.

We can not make any solid predictions, but let's see that one of the most famous collector companies for earthenware coinage coin seems to be worth holding.

Victoria's coin £ 5

Queen Victoria, born in May 1819, will be exposed to a rare £ 5 coin, along with a telephone, a bike for fixing coins and other icons from her six-decade rule.

The question of the 5-pound coins is usually reserved for special royal occasions, and the last published to mark the marriage of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex in May 2018.

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