Sunday , May 16 2021

Fiat Chrysler recalls magnets; power steering may fail | CTV News

DETROIT – Fiat Chrysler recalls more than 182,000 pick-up trucks worldwide to fix an electric problem that can run power steering.

The retirement covers Ram 1500 pickups from 2019 model year. Most are in the United States and Canada. A third are still on the dealers.

The company said on Friday that a battery-based fastener is not properly secured in production. The connection can be loosened, which disables the power steering. Drivers can still manage, but the efforts they will take will not be consistent.

FCA says there are no reports of accidents or injuries.

Dealers will provide fillers at no cost to the owners. Fiat Chrysler says there is no date for starting a withdrawal, but according to US law it must begin within 60 days.

Canadians can request potential reminders on Canada's transport website.

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