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Female MFA banned from the National Assembly after clothing is deemed inappropriate

Quebec Solidarity MFA Catherine Dorion.

Peter Maccabee / Montreal Gazette

Several members of the National Assembly on Thursday succeeded in denying Quebec Solidarity MFA Catherine Dorion for access to her Blue Room, where the provincial legislature is sitting for debate because they considered her improperly dressed.

Dorion, already at the center of some controversy over what she wears, appeared at the legislature wearing a hooded shirt, and some MFAs from other parties threatened to raise the issue with the Speaker of the National Assembly during the fourth session, in the name of the ornament.

It is extremely rare if the MFA is denied access to the Blue Room, the province's elected representatives are the only people allowed on its floor.

Speaker François Paradis informed Quebec leader Solidare Gabriel Nodeo-Dubois of the complaints, who then conveyed the message to Dorion.

A spokesman for Quebec Solidair said Dorion "did not feel welcome" in the chamber and left.

Deputy Speaker Chantal Sosi told reporters that "we have to respect the décor, we've reminded it a couple of times, it was time to draw a line," she said. "She was not wearing MRI-worthy clothing in the Blue Room."

Quebec Solider, meanwhile, says he wants to know who was the one who threatened to complain to Paradis about Dorion.

Thursday's incident is the latest in a string of controversies over Dorion's clothing choice, which is usually seen as she wears it. Doc Martens t-shirts and boots in front of the legislature, but also saw the recently-released photograph in the National Assembly Red Room, used for formal ceremonies, wearing a skirt and heels as part of her Halloween costume.


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