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Federal NDP leader Jaget Singh will face Karen Wang in BC. by choice

The Federal Liberal Party chose the business owner for a day care as his opponent against NDP leader Jaget Singh in the upcoming election in British Columbia.

Karen Wang, who owns the Playhouse Angels, previously ran for the provincial election in 2017 with B.C. The Liberals were declared a liberal candidate at a horse racing nomination on Saturday.

She defeated biotechnology scientist, Kirs Eduley, who is a product manager for Stemcell Technologies, after 123 members voted.

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"I'm so excited and so honored to be here elected," Wang said, before reading a song written by a Chinese poet.

"My eyes are filled with tears because I love this country so deep," began the song.

Wang told reporters that he believes he has what it takes to take over Singh because he has been living in a horse riding for 20 years and has strong community links.

"He is not from our local community, he can not represent you, not to us," she said.

"I believe we will have a good chance to win in Burnaby South, because now I believe I am very familiar with our community. I am one of the people here."

Wang said that her first three priorities will improve housing availability by boosting supply, creating jobs and improving public transit.

Prime Minister Justin Trudou has not yet set a date for the election in Burnaby South, which was vacated by former New Democracy MP Kennedy Stewart, now mayor of Vancouver. Tradeo is expected to call them divisions for Bernabeu South, Oresmont, Que. And York Simco, Ont., Javanese at the beginning of the New Year.

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The election, which is expected in February, marks the biggest political test for Singh, while he also tries to calm party fears of fundraising, blocking polls and a growing list of veterans who say they will not run in 2019.

Singh said she plans to focus on the horseback riding campaign next month, in order to be able to check the "selected" from his list of tasks for the critical campaign ahead of us.

In the federal election in 2015, the NDP won Burnabi Yu with just over 500 votes.

A party leader who can not win a seat usually pulls aside, although this has not happened in the choice of the 1940s. Singh will not say what he will do if he loses it.

Corporate lawyer Jay Sean is running for conservatives in the election, while Green Party leader Elizabeth May said the Greens would not put a candidate.

The Canadian People's Party of Maxim Bernier plans to nominate a candidate in the next two weeks, spokesman Martin Masse said. Since the party is so new and recently formed associations of horse racing units, the candidate will not be elected through a typical nomination process.

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"Basically, the leader will choose the candidate in every election," Massé said.

Prior to Saturday's election nomination, Edoulje told a crowd of about 100 party members gathered in a Burnaby banquet hall that "the whole country" would follow the election in Burnaby South.

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