Tuesday , May 11 2021

Fallout 76 Note the patches include increased landing space, more (update on December 4)

The next big patch for Bethesda multiplayer RPG Fallout 76 is coming soon, and now Bethesda has released the full update notes on December 4th.

As announced earlier, this patch will increase the maximum storage capacity of up to 600 kilograms, and it can expand further down the road, Bethesad said. The update also introduces improved stability of the client and servers of Fallout 76, which in turn should lead to better overall experience.

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Regarding changes in equilibrium, the Fallout 76 package makes the bosses fall from 2 to 4 items per boss (depending on the weight and level), while the damage to the weapon is increased by 20 percent "across the board", so it sounds like you feel more powerful immediately with this update.

As for error correction, the Bethesda Console is a resolved issue that can lead to an infinite loading screen when players log out of their console while playing the game. And on the Xbox One specifically, patch addresses an accident scenario for a particular situation related to team invitations. There are also UI, Survival, and Perk changes included in this update. You can see the complete notes at the bottom, as reported by Bethesda on their website.

Fallout 76 started in mid-November, and although it could not be a hit with critics, the game quickly reached "millions" players. The game exceeds the expectations of the GameStop, but that does not necessarily mean that the game is doing badly.

The December 4 update for Fallout 76 will not be the last since Bethesda plans another one for December 11, while the developer generally plans to support the game for years to come.


  • Performance: Computer processors are again disassembled. However, the achievement of very high frequency will no longer cause an increase in the speed of movement. This was initially fixed in the patch on November 19.
  • Stability: The Fallout 76 client and servers have gained additional stability improvements.


  • Stash: The maximum storage capacity is increased by 50%, to 600 pounds. This is a conservative adjustment, and we plan to increase the storage cap further in the future, once we confirm that this change does not affect the stability of the game.


  • Enemies: XP awards for killing high-level creatures are reduced.
  • Bows: A fixed question that affects the involuntary booty of the boss. Players now need to receive 2-4 bets according to the boss, depending on the weight and level of the creature.
  • Weapons: Automatic damage to weapons has increased by approximately 20% on board.


  • Weapon Effects: Pressing another player with the Cryolor now applies the status of a cold, lazy or frozen based on how many times they are affected. The duration of the reduction in the speed of movement applied by these effects is greatly reduced.


  • Console: A fixed problem that can cause the player to encounter an infinite loading screen while signing the console account while playing Fallout 76.
  • Xbox: Addressed an accident that could happen when sending multiple invitations to the team immediately after exiting the old 76 to a non-friendly player.
  • Power Armor: A fixed problem that affects the Power Armor framework that could prevent the player from getting out of the Power Armor.
  • Nuke Silos: Flipboards inside the Nuke Silos no longer display parts of the launch codes shortly after the codes were reset for this week.
  • C.A.M.P .: Moving C.A.M.P. the locations will now correctly move the standalone elements built by the player in the "Trick" tab in the Build menu.
  • Workshops: On PS4, the strings will no longer appear to float in the middle of the air when they try to connect two or more objects.
  • Defensive: They will no longer become invisible if the player is not present in their C.A.M.P. when their defensive towers were destroyed.
  • Perki Cards: The rating of the Perk card will no longer cause a duplicate card to appear.
  • Teams: A fixed question that can prevent the proper formation of a team in a game in the world after creating a team in the main menu when both players use new characters.
  • Teams: the duration of the social alert display is reduced when many notifications are pending. This should help solve the problem in which the players did not see that they have successfully joined the team.
  • Mutations: the electrically disrupted and unstable isotope mutations no longer give the player Bonus Health.
  • AFC: Players will now be excluded from the game in the world after 10 minutes of inactivity and will be prompted by the timer 1 minute before being kicked out.
  • Atomic Shop: On the computer, the position of the cursor will no longer be separated from clicks at Atomic Shop while using resolutions 16:10.
  • Enemies: Red crosses and enemy bars for health will no longer appear on the screen when the enemy is no longer in sight.
  • Localization: The translation will now appear correctly, and voice will be played in English, for customers of language games that do not have their own localized voiceover when listening to Holotape or communicating with robots.
  • Pip-Boy: A fixed issue that can cause duplicate data to appear in the Stat Pip-Boy interfaces and effects.
  • Response: Dying, while severely overcrowded, will no longer remove all markers on the site when they try to resolve it. Instead, the player can now react to the nearest map map.
  • Quest Tracker: Quest whole notifications will no longer appear for inactive Quests immediately after connecting with the world.

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