Friday , April 16 2021

Ethan Peck, the new Star Trek Spock, is looking forward to a visit to Vulcan, Alberta

Ethan Peck plays Spock Star Trek: Discovery, but has never been to Vulcan, Alberta.

"I have not been to that. I've heard of that," Peck told Global News Friday at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. "I feel like I might (Star Trek: Discovery co-star) Anson [Mount] was. "

The town of 1.900 in the south of Alberta is renowned for its acceptance Star Trek connection, sharing the name of the fictional planet Spock was born.

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Volcano, Alta., Become a tourist attraction for fans, with a replica of U. S. Enterprise and bronze bust of Leonard Nimoy, which originally played Spock in Star Trek on large and small screens.

After just one season in the new series of CBS Star Trek, Peck does not expect the bust of his portrait of young Spock to appear in the city of Vulcan.

"No, I do not expect a bronze bust," Peck said. "I think it's reserved for the creator."

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During his first visit to Calgary, Peck said he enjoyed returning to Canada.

"It was great," he said. "We were shooting in Toronto, so I really have an affinity for Canada and Canadians.

"There's only a different attitude, and I think that's because it's so uncomfortably cold here, you can not have a bad attitude."

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Peck, grandson of actor Gregory Peck, said he was looking forward to seeing more of the city while at the Calgary Expo.

"It looks like a really beautiful city and I can not wait to venture," Peck said.

And the trip to Vulcan, Alta., May be included.

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