Monday , August 2 2021

Eric Tillman leaves Ticats – 3DownNation

Eric Tilman will not return to Hamilton tiger cats as general manager next season, according to CFL sources.

Tillman has since been in the club 2013, when it was adopted as consultant at the start of the term of the then vice president of football operations, Kent Austin. He was promoted to general manager in 2016.

He retained the title after Austin stepped down to become a consultant last April, but did not have a legally binding decision-making power, sharing his duties with assistant general managers Sean Burke and Drew Allemagne. Head Junkie Jones and assistant coach Orlando Steiner, who recently took the lead, also played a role in the staff.

Burke and Alleman will stay in the club and are expected to take extended roles.

The expiration of the deal with Tilman was first announced by TSN, Dave Naylor, who says Tilman is in a race for top football work with the Atlantic Schooners. The franchise in Halifax has not publicly announced plans for stadiums and has no official timetable for their entry into the CLL.

Sources say the move is unrelated to the new salary for football operations that came into force this season and forced a large number of teams across Europe to cut staff.

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