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Epic Photography: Fuse Lighting – Rampage 2019

The best Freerides are back in the Wilderness, Utah desert for the 14th edition of the Red Bull Rampage. This morning we were welcomed to the site to fly by the dust and sound of axes, blades and paddles. The rocks are even more serious in person than they appear on live broadcast, looming far above the desert floor. The starting shack is a small blow, near the top of the meat and the lines coming out of it seem impossible, with frighteningly steep cliffs surrounding the giant droplets and jumps. For most of us, these lines are impossible to drive.

But for the 17 drivers who trim the lines they cut on the hillside in 2018 and the four drivers who build completely new lines as they get to take the blades to the new location for the first time, this is the ultimate test of their skills Rice Wallace returned to the rampage after the break while Juan Salido, Bianve Aguado Alba and Emil Johansson get first taste of what it takes to build a rampage line.

bigquotesFinding a line was pretty damn good. Many more of the obvious real estate has already been taken over, so we have to be a little more creative and honest in other people's lines. So, I come away from the driver on the left, where there is unused ground. I have some good features in there. And then beneath it, it's just weaving between other people's lines.

I teamed up with two other drivers for one big drop, so it's nice to share that work. Then, the rest of my line is all fresh, building everything from scratch. I'm probably half or two thirds done. I'm going to really give it away for the next two days and then start practicing. I'm ready to start calling. This is the hardest part for sure, building the line and trying to build things that complement my skill and push me.

Reese Wallace

bigquotesWe are, in fact, the last feature of our line here, adding this last jump – which makes it really significantly bigger. We've added some features to the top. We added a big drop, a big hip, another big hip at the bottom, and I put a five-meter lip on the big gap in the canyon. It needs to continue. I will jump several times and see how I feel. I definitely have something in my head that I want to try, but we'll see. I'm a little chicken. I don't want to tell everyone what I have in mind just in case I don't.

We had high hopes we wouldn't work, we went to the café every day, we cooled down in the pool, but it didn't really work out. So far we have been flat and we need to make at least one more day. Hopefully Wednesday and Thursday will be a little colder and we'll be able to take a break from these guys and I can get on my bike a little more than in previous years – obviously having a unique top-to-bottom line is pretty hard. work and we & # 39; again i'm the only team to do that. We had a lot of work. It's coming to an end now. I'm going to say on my bike again.

Brendan Sherlocke

Although drivers were only able to ride their bikes up the hill for four days after four days of construction, we saw several returnees return to their gear and start testing new features on their lines. Kurt Sorghe, Tyler McCauley and Tom Van Steinberg were the first drivers to put the tire on as they tried a new step-combination crash near the bottom of the mountain early in the morning.

bigquotesIt's always nice to be back for a second year. Everyone has a good foundation for their line, so things get a lot faster and you just feel better about it and hopefully you get more time on the bike to practice. It's great that you already hit the lines so you don't have to worry too much. You know what to do.

I swapped a few landings for the big drops, making them better. They are super blind. They repaired. Then there is one key feature that we didn't have time to finish last year, so someone will do something to rebuild. Then I just climb the rest.

Kurt Sorge

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