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Emus, wallabies and cheetah, oh mine! The Chinese island connects with the pantheon of the virus K.C.

It was a great week for the unusual Cypriot Vancouver Vineyard.

The slippery creature made a feast of fish from which in the yard "Dream Yat-sen" and continues to avoid catching it, even though the Vancouver Vancouver Park employs a dedicated rescuer specialist.

It has also caused countless puns and has become a sensation of social media with its own parody Twitter account (and a counter parody Twitter account for Which), as well as an online campaign that divides the city into #TeamOtter and #TeamKoi.

But while the Chinese city's winters may be the taste of the month, it's far from the first criterion to become a viral hit in BC.

Here's a look at some other strange wildlife of BC, which set fire to the Internet.

Olympic village beaver

See: Beavers accused of destroying a tree at Stanley Park, the Olympic Village

First observed in April 2013, the Olympic peasant beard quickly became a phenomenon of social media.

The locals gathered at their dam in Hinge Park to display a picture of the critter, and it was not much before the beard had its own parody of Twitter on its own.

It also did not take long for beaver to form a family, and babies have since been spotted in the Park Park Hinge Park.

Leave it to bean: Stupid rodents fell dozens of trees in Vancouver

However, there were still no sunny days with beavers – thickened rodents were accused of knocking dozens of trees in 2016 to help build their home.

In response, the park board began embrapping the basics of trees with chicken wire to interfere with their teeth.

In the center of the deer

WATCH: The center of the deer visits Global BC on location

In the summer of 2015, a young deer mysteriously appeared in Vancouver and roaming on the streets of the town's city center was spotted.

While police and conservation officials were unable to overcome this, deer lightened social media, appearing in a number of surreal photographs as they climbed past past skyscrapers.

Of course, it was not long before that also had its own parody Twitter account.

Elenta finally moved to Stanley Park, where the park board said it became accustomed to people, approached more members of the public.

In fact, deer happened on Global B.C. crewed the camera during the shooting of the news one day in August and came to be welcomed.

Ellen hit and killed at Stanley Park is a well-known center of deer

Unfortunately, the story at the center of the deer has no happy ending. Vancouver Park Board expressed concern the creature has become too familiar with people and can be hit by a car.

It is, unfortunately, exactly what happened in September 2015 when the deer was hit and killed at Stanley Park near the bridge of Lions Gate.

Cut the crow

See: Who's a Cuckoo on a crow?

There is no list of celebrities B.C. the animals will be complete without the beloved Chuck Crow at East Vancouver.

Cuckoo is a human habituated crow that can be easily recognized with the red toothbrush around one of the legs.

Riding on SkyTrain, eating at McDonald's and PNE's work was noticed, but rose to a true viral status when someone bought a photograph of a bird who takes a knife at the crime scene in East Vancouver in May 2016 – a picture that is shared thousands of times on the Internet.

Sean Bergman, a resident of East Vancouver, describing himself as a friend of Chuck, cherishes the bird by recovering after an attack in a local park and an unpleasant dispute with Canada Post.

Recently, Kanuc was the subject of its own fashion line and documentary. The bird also won a Twitter-based bracket match to be crowned for the unofficial Metro Vancouver ambassador, defeating Michael J. Fox with 81% of the vote.

Lucy emo

See: He's at liberty

Back in time and get out of Metro Vancouver, we have the story of Lucy Him.

The 70-kilometer emu, who was really male in the Boy Named Sue guy, managed to escape to Nanaimo in March 2014 after his owner, Tim Janner, accidentally left the gate open.

Emu on the run finally caught up on the university campus

Once Lucy was flying to the hen house, there were numerous remarks about the great bird around the region, but nobody seemed to be able to fix it, because while the emotions can not fly, they can operate up to 70 kilometers per hour.

Of course, it was not much earlier – you were superiors – a Twitter account appeared.

Lucy's story has a happy ending: after about five days on the run, he was captured at the University of Vancouver and taken home safely.

The legend of snake fish

In May 2012, flora and fauna experts with the province's authorities began an intense search of the lagoon in Burnaby Central Park for invasive snake fish.

Snakeheads were born in Asia and parts of Africa, are predatory and are known to grow up to five times a year, raising concerns that they can grow rapidly. Moreover, some types of snake fishes can cross short distances on land to travel from one body to water to another.

FSU researchers study fish of fish that have been removed from Lake Bernabe

The hunting was put into motion after a park visitor recognized a nearby long fish of about one meter and posted a video on it online.

It drew the attention of local media – and hordes of curious spectators, all hoping to spot the beast.

A snakehead caught in Bernaby's pond is not so much a risk

Eventually, the Environment Ministry had to squeeze most of the pond to catch fish, which was later studied by SFU and UBC experts.

They found that it was a golden head, not her more aggressive (and semi-amphibious) cousin, the northern serpent.

As the fish entered the pond remains a mystery. Snakeheads are stored for food, and the guiding theory is that someone has set one of those fish free.

Langley Walibi

In this undeletated photo you can see a wizard.

Glenn Fergus / Wikipedia

In February 2017, one owner of Langley's house was a little surprised when he woke up to what seemed to be a kangaroo in the yard.

It was, in fact, Vanabi – the younger cousin of the kangaroo in the family of a macropod.

The missing vanabe is found safe and sound in Langley

The creature fled from his owner and went to the lamer two days before he was captured.

Mountains captured the little boy with a fishing net.

Kitten Cheetah

See: Cheetah at Liberty in Kootenays

Mountainous Kootenays are probably one of the last places on earth that you would expect to find a cheetah who roamed the highway, but exactly the situation she shaped in December 2015.

Search is excluded for roaming cheetah in B.C.

The fastest creature on Earth was spotted walking down Highway 3 near Crawford Bay, about 50km northeast of Nelson, causing intense hunting and concern that a creature could attack children who are kept indoors in nearby schools.

The conservation officers recalled the hunt when no further remarks were made.

WATCH: B.C. a man struggles to keep the ghettoes

It turned out that the cat, one of the two, belonged to a resident of Kotenay, Earl Pfeiffer, who along with Carol Plato was accused of possession of alien species without permission in 2016.

B.C. man is fighting to keep the hepatitis

The story does not end there. Pfiefer applied to the province to keep the cats but was denied. In October 2018, Pfiefer led his case to the province's Environmental Complaints Board to challenge that decision.

Pfiefer said the cats never attacked anyone and that he wants to open an object for conservation awareness to teach people about endangered animals.

At the center of the bear

WATCH: At the center of the bear released

In December 2011, workers in the city center and afternoon passengers were face to face with unexpected sight: a black bear on the garbage truck.

The buried drum appeared in the heart of the center of the core, just before the Queen Elizabeth Theater in the streets of West Georgia and Cambi.

Keep free at the center of Vancouver calm

The police and conservation services were called up and calmed down the year, which was released next day near Skamysh.

Officials believe the bear might have climbed into a container that was picked up from the truck and flown to Vancouver.

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