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Eminem rapes for Ariana Grande Manchester concert bombing and Justin Bieber in a new song

Eminem, Arianna Grande, Justin Bieber

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Eminem was never a type of person who was moving away from thinking in his music. His new rap "Cancel" certainly does not differ.

The rapper's latest track was interrupted on Friday night and is a free 11-minute styling, covering topics such as drugs, sex, rap and other NSFW themes. The video for him was shot in St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit, Michigan, where, according to Diversity, he had many of his early rapy battles. Eminem calls the site his "old tree" in his video on Instagram.

Eminem transforms the video by comparing the bitter battle with the war. He and him Royce Yes 5 & # 39; 9 " say in the introduction, "the main goal is to destroy, completely delete your opponent by saying anything and everything, no matter what you can do to get a reaction from the crowd."

That message was loud and clear. The first verse goes so far as to mention the bombing on May 22, 2017 in Machester, England, on Ariana Grande concert.

He says in the middle of his verse: "Broken down between the brain washing machine / As an Islamic regime, the jihadist extreme radical / suicide bomber that sees / Ariana Grande sings the last song of the night / And as the audience from the damn concert leaves / activates the device dependent on its abdominal region. "

In the same verse, he compares a woman Jada Pinkett Smith. He is rapping, "said that girl she is hot as Jada Pinkett and only stared at" until she made her think that she / she said: "Maybe we should get married." "

Justin Bieber was another fellow artist who failed to stop Eminem's excavation. In the third verse, Eminem says: "Justin Bieber at a Catholic school / sells dust and a digger when he is backbone / do not adjust your speaker."

Other great names mentioned in the free style include Reese Witherspoon, Rick Fleur and potentially Christina Aguilera. Eminem mentions "Christina" and is probably "Beautiful" singer, because both have past past, and the texts that talk about this "Christina" are pretty explosive.

Eminem created a little bit of beef in other songs and albums. His latest issue Kamizake caused some controversy after making homophobic fame Tyler, the Creator and used hatred while rapping about the president Donald Trump.

Plus, there was a rehearsal duel between "Do not be afraid" and the artist Kelly Machine Gun. Eminem recorded the song "Bad Things", which quickly responded by himself.

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