Friday , April 16 2021

Elon Mash is annoyed by the hell of people who work with auto-driving cars

Experts for autonomous vehicles had this with the claims of Mask.
Experts for autonomous vehicles had this with the claims of Mask.

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Elon Mash really appeared this autumn on Tesla Autonomy Day, and rooted in the widely used self-driving technology like laser sensors and (more) promising to put one million Tesla auto-taxis on the streets next year. These bold claims, of course, have caused some feelings for autonomous vehicle and industry leaders.

On Friday, the president of Velodin Marta Hall announced a long statement – with many ALL CAPIs – to defend the company's main product, LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles. While acknowledging Tesla's good work in electrifying and designing cars, she destroyed "Mashk's claims" about the deployment of Teslas without a driver and no "baseball" LiDAR sensors. Tesla only uses cameras, ultrasonic sensors and a radar unit for its sensor package.

"I personally love the Italian aesthetics of Tesla and I salute my leap to electrify cars! Bravo!" However, I will not trust the claim of "Autonomy" because the company claims that its Automatic Pilot feature is "almost autonomous." It is NOT ABOLISHED AUTONOMEN and gives autonomy a bad rap, "Hall wrote in an e-mail statement.

In her statement, she also invited Musk to speak on the version of the Autonomy Day of her company, the supreme summit of Velodine for autonomous vehicles, to be held this autumn. Last year, Musk was also invited, but did not attend.

Hall is part of the growing pool of skeptics who are very critical of Musk and his robot-taxi dreams.

LEFT COO John McNeill, who worked at Tesla, is also suspicious of Tesla's robotic fleet for such a short time. In an interview for a business insider this week, McNeill defended the need for drivers, even when speeding up self-driving and calling up the ambitious plan of Mask. LIFT invests in auto-driving cars and is currently running a self-service car service with an autonomous company Aptiv in Las Vegas.

"I do not know if this can be done," he told the Tesla autonomous fleet publication. He explained why an autonomous will not be an immediate solution, "even with autonomy that occurs over the next few years – or begins to deploy over the next few years – we will need more drivers in five years than we have today. "He does not think that the pace of auto-driving cars can keep pace with the demand for driving. So, there will still be human drivers, even if robot cars are an option.

Wall Street analyst Jeff Osborne of the investment banking firm Coven wrote in a note after the presentation of autonomy at Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, "The plans for Tesla robotic networks seemed half liver."

CNBC collected other impressions of Tesla's autonomy plans from analysts covering the driving area, such as Adam Jones of Morgan Stanley, who said: "We still think that the removal of a security driver will take many years (if not decades)."

Other self-driving experts, like Professor Carnegie Mellon University, Raj Rajkumar, also called Musk, as the AP said: "It sounds like a pipe dream that sells people."

Research surveys to set up a camcorder in autonomous vehicles – and how they can capture 3D images like LiDAR if they mount higher on the vehicle – should confirm the anti-LiDAR position of the Musk, but this does not change how the timing of the transitional brain is.

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