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Electronic Arts says its customers are simply not interested in switch versions

Sims the Switch seems to be unwise. It is a cool game for managing the daily life of virtual human beings, where the highest graphics and framerate do not matter. However, in a recent earnings call, the Head of Electronic Arts explained why the publisher sees things differently and why he didn't bring them Sims– for much else, really – to switch.

"Whenever we evaluate platform conversations, we really see a few things," Andrew Wilson, EA's chief executive, said yesterday during a Q&A with investors on why Sims it wasn't on Nintendo's popular console. "For one, does the game really fit that platform's profile in terms of control or community ecosystem? Two, do we think the community that plays on that platform would appreciate the game for going there? Or would they like to play it elsewhere? “

Wilson said that EA data shows that "many" owners of the Switch are also owners of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC, and "very often choose to play games we do on those platforms even though they have a switch. In other words, EA doesn't feel that making Switch versions of its games would be particularly lucrative because even Switch owners would only play them on other platforms instead.

Speaking specifically about SimsWilson seemed to point out that the potential difficulty in switching content to Switch could be a factor, saying he expects the 7 million new players who came to the game in recent months to stay engaged "on a platform that is truly content-driven." , creativity and customization created by users. "

The few games that Electronic Arts has transferred to Switch were not without criticism. Included version of FIFA 19 was the worst version of the long-shot game, for example. In the past, EA has also been accidentally advertised FIFA 19 Features in the Switch Game version that are not actually in the game. Earlier this month, some Swit users announced that they had received a survey from Nintendo FIFA 20 for Switch, who apparently asked them if they were interested in buying the game and asked for reasons to follow up if they said no.

It's unclear if so many players prefer to play EA games on other platforms because Switch versions are considered to be inferior in some cases, but that's certainly a possibility. Whatever the reasons, EA seems to have decided enough to make it Sims not worth shipping in the near future.

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