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Earthquakes in California trigger defective movement that could produce "big"

Using satellite radars, the researchers discovered a creep in error by Garloc in Southern California. This phenomenon is caused by the Rijestrest earthquakes that occurred in July. ( Andrew Martin Pixabay )

Earthquakes that struck Southern California in July were among the strongest to hit the region in 20 years.

Creepy after the Garlock malfunction

Researchers now say the tremor and the thousands of aftershocks caused a big mistake to move for the first time.

In a new study, the researchers warned that the Garloc error, which passes through the Mojave Desert, was moving for the first time as a result of the Rijestrest earthquakes, which originated on two nearby border lines.

"The demolition of the main grid was interrupted just a few kilometers from the larger Garloc regional fault, causing shallow creep and significant earthquake," the researchers wrote in their study, published in the October 18 issue of the journal Science.

Researchers say the Garlock bug is capable of producing an 8-magnitude earthquake, though it is currently moving at a slow and continuous pace, a phenomenon known as creeping.

Motion detected by satellite radar images

Researchers have observed creeping in by mistake in Garloc using satellite radars, which can detect motion of the Earth's surface from space.

Study researcher Zahari Ross, of the Seismological Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, said satellites are sensitive enough to measure the smallest amounts of deformation in the country.

"If the path taken by the radar is even slightly different, we can say," he said.

The Great

The findings raise concerns about a "large" 6.7 magnitude earthquake or fear that it could happen in California at any time, and that could overwhelm infrastructure and power sources, as well as damage buildings. .

According to the United States Geological Survey, there is a 31 percent chance of a 7.5 magnitude earthquake striking Los Angeles over the next 30 years.

The recently discovered phenomenon does not have to turn into a disaster. Ross said the southern end of San Andreas often began to creep in response to other earthquakes, but only stopped at a certain point.

However, California residents are urged to stay prepared. USGS said they should have sufficient food, water and fuel supply in case of emergency.

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