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Early loser of F365: Unsafe Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Date of publication: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 9:34

"Andreas will be better because he has no experience for this experience," said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, continuing his complimentary mission to be an antithesis of Jose Mourinho with a) to be incredibly positive for absolutely everything, and b) never, players under the bus.

We doubt that Pereira will not be "better" for the 63-minute maiden on her first start in the last five months, but Solzinger can only. Perhaps the Norwegian needed a reminder that not everything that touches turns gold into; he is not unmistakable. This sh * t is not as easy as he did to look.

It was an initial lineup that would earn Mourinho deservedly a rebound – fire Marcus Rashford pushed him left, eternal proposal of Ander Herrera sent to the bench to be replaced by the nervous Pereira, Jesse Lyngard and Alexis Sanchez's defense depletion movement inappropriately displaced by the predictability of Juan Mata and Romelu Lukaku. Solskjaer was unlucky to lose Anthony Marcius from his preferred starting line, but the rest he brought on himself.

It was like the last six weeks did not happen, because United was once slow, cumbersome and lacking in every true look. No wonder; Solskyer decided to simultaneously remove three of the five fronts that they had Martin Arsenal on Friday night. It seemed to me too much when you saw the team-sheet and absolutely looked too much when you saw it on the ground.

"The pace of the ball was not good enough," Solsker said to the sound of one million soccer fans saying, "What did you expect?". The way of United's return is what many will remember from Tuesday night – Solskjaer corrects his own mistakes to lead Sanchez and Lyngard – and it will certainly add to the cult of the Norwegian, who spoke of "DNA" from the late attack on Manchester United, but it's just just smoke and mirrors if he learns from this mistake. He should feel a little humble, a little stupid, a little more grounded.

Silskyer can hardly blame him for a sense of security; six weeks, he is praised as a smiling rescuer, and the media and fanatics pushed him forward to all other candidates for a permanent post. It turns out that after Mourinho really was a precious free kick – "how to follow the worst ex or neo-singer karaoke singers". He chose fans' favorite, marginalized the pantomime's villains, talked about his club history and history, Sir Alex checked the name and spoke eloquently, positively and ambitiously. That he was then placed before open goal straight from Mauricio Pochtino was a wonderful bonus.

So, it's not at all surprising that he is approaching home playing with Burnley with arrogance to make big changes. If United wins – and surely they will – he will again be praised as a genius who will be able to get a tune from players that many fans will happily reject. One draw and one late return later, we hope that Solskjaer is better for this experience and remembers the mistakes, as well as redemption.

Sarah Winterburn

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