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Each Final Fantasy Soundtrack has been released on Spotify – Game Rant

The result of each video game plays a role in making a good game great, and long-lasting Final Fantasy series is no exception. The results, which were almost all made up of Nobuo Uematsu, are now available for players to enjoy even when out of the game, as every major serial soundtrack is now added to Spotify.

To be clear, the main records of Final Fantasy the series now have their own music recordings available on Spotify's streaming music service. This means that fans of any Final Fantasy playing from the very first for PSM all the way Final Fantasy 15 can enjoy their favorite soundtracks, just like Final Fantasy 15The protagonists listened to the classic Final Fantasy songs on car radio. MMORPG login Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy 14 also see their music tracks added to the service.

However, there are still some ejects that did not make a cut. Namely, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy X-2 & # 39;Soundtracks are absent, though the original Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 10 the soundtrack made a list. However, Spotify also makes multiple versions of live concerts Final Fantasy available on music, including the Distant Worlds collections, so there should be enough for the players to enjoy.

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Surprisingly, no official announcement has been made about the addition of some of the best sound video recordings ever made by Square Enix. However, the programmer and publisher are probably busy at the time, preparing for the E3 2019. Although Spotify is not exactly known for showering their artists in profit, enough players who will follow the soundtrack could potentially give a modest increase to the Square Enix.

The developer has enough faith in his upcoming projects, who expect to see a sharp rise in company profits soon and a list of Spotify Final Fantasy music can play a minor role in this. Of course, the main upcoming hits on Square Enix like Final Fantasy 7 Remake are where the majority of their profits come from. It remains to be seen whether Final Fantasy 7 Remake's the soundtrack will be added to the service, and if so, whether or not there will be a delay between physical CD releases and MP3 sales and their appearance on Spotify.

Final FantasySeries of music series are available for Spotify's streaming.

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