Tuesday , May 18 2021

DUI suspect in Tesla may have slept with an engined autopilot

PALO ALTO, Ca. – Police in California have arrested a man who may have been drunk and sleeping in his Tesla while driving at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour in automatic mode on the highway.

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Around 3:30 pm on Friday, Californian police officers for highway passengers noted that the Tesla Model S model was heading south to Highway 101. The police retreated next to the vehicle traveling at 70 km / h and observed the driver Alexander Samek, who reportedly he slept. The CHP then used both lights and sirens to try to wake Samek, but he "did not react," according to the California Highway for Patrolling Public Information, Art Montiel.

Assuming that the vehicle is in automatic mode, officers eventually stopped the vehicle by driving ahead of Tesla and gradually slowing down, assuming that the driver assistance function would eventually stop the car.

The vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway, and the officers then tried to wake Samek.

"Officials approached Tesla and tried to wake Samek by knocking the window and giving verbal commands. After Samek woke up and left Tesla, he was placed in the back of the patrol vehicle and was taken off the highway to Shell's station the Embacado Road in the West Braysher, while the other officer took Tesla off the highway, "according to Montiel.

At the gas station, Samek collapsed a field test of sobriety and was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

According to Croton4. The CHP announced in a statement that it has not yet confirmed that the autopilot has been hired:

"At the moment, we can not confirm whether the" assist driver "function was activated, but given the ability of the vehicle to slow down to a standstill when Samek was asleep, it seems that the 'help driver' function might be active in that time. "

The California Highway Patrol published the details of the incident on their Facebook page:

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