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Dubas to Nillander: As long as I am here, I will not be traded

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The reporter of TSN Toronto, Mark Masters, daily checks the news and notes of Maple Leafs. The Maple Leafs were practiced on Monday at the MasterCard Center before traveling to Buffalo.

In his first session with the Toronto media, after signing a new agreement, William Nillander revealed that General Manager Kyle Dubas had promised on several occasions that while he was leading the "Maple Leafs", the Swedes would not trade.

"I do not know why that's a surprise," said Dubas. "I've been on the record saying that … it's our intention to have it here while we are here." He is a great young player. I do not think we want to get into the business that we do not have great young players, so that's how we are we feel about it. "

These guarantees were important for the 22-year-old during the stressful process, which was solved just minutes before the Saturday deadline.

"The last 30 minutes were crazy," said Nullander with a smile and shaking his head. "I mean, I think the deal was signed as at 4:53 (BC) and was crazy. I could not believe … long negotiations were to get to where the two sides were happy."

"I checked my Twitter feed probably every 15 seconds," she remembers Kaspersky Captain, The teammate of Niallender and a good friend. "It's going down to the wire there and I was a little nervous … The boy has some ice in the veins, that's for sure. Let's say that way."

"It was a difficult process," Niallander admitted, "and certainly a learning experience that I never want to repeat, but I think it made me stronger as a person. I wanted to be here and finally make it a huge relief."

So, why was Niallander so solved? Why did he become the first free agent to limit the process?

"It was a big part of my future," he explained. "I mean, I wanted to be a sheet for the next debt, for a long time here and six years, I'm looking forward to it, it would be great to be here … it's a special feeling every time you put that jersey. I can not wait to carry it for the first time this year. "

They attacked abroad, Niallander did not get the chance to see too much of the Leafs games in full, but was impressed by how well the team performed in his absence. Dubas noticed a narrative that appeared in Toronto, that perhaps Leafs did not need Nullander and should move it to meet other needs and quickly skip it into the bud.

"My message to William was that I do not think our team will be at full potential until a fraction of it returns, and only then can we truly assess our team," said Dubas.

Dubai joined the Maple Leafs organization just one month after the club won the eighth final in June 2014. He watched her develop with Marley and knew him well.

"He is an elite passer and an elite shooter," Dubas said, "that's what excites me around him. He has great numbers (135 points in 185 matches), of course, for a young player in the NHL and you see the way played the league and we are thrilled to add it back to our club and to the top of our forward group … he earned his contract with the potential he showed and knowing him and knowing how much stuff he puts out of the ice and how he himself deals with the conditions in which he is, I have no doubt that he will reach that level and will continue make it go away from that. "

Dubai has promised Niallander that he will not trade as long as he is in charge of the leaves

Kyle Dubas and William Nylander joined the Maple Leafs organization within a month from each other in the spring of 2014, so they know each other well. And it was during the recent negotiations that Leafs GM promised the 22-year-old that while he is in charge of the team, he will not be traded. Mark Masters has more.

A group of Leafs players visited Nylander on Sunday night and greeted him back to town.

"When I saw it, I made the dance" Make It Rain ", said Mitch Marner with a smile," just gave him a hug and said: "I salute the new contract … It's great for him. I mean, he got what he wanted and that was what he deserved. "

Nilander laughed when Marner's dance was raised.

"It was really fun to see them yesterday," he said. "I felt as if I did not miss it at any time."

Capan may be Nilford's closest friend to the team and admitted that he had dreams of his return to the days before the deadline. What was the reunion with his friend?

"It was a long time," he said with a smile. "I do not know. There were so many emotions in the air. It's good to just get it back."

It's pretty clear that Leafs and Coach Mike Babcock are tired of all Nylander issues that have increased significantly in recent days.

"Oh, here we go" Austin Matthews said when his media session began with another issue for his longtime line-up. "We are all happy that we are ready and we can all just continue and stop talking about it."

Neanderland reunion restraint: & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; On it, I sent '& # 39; & # 39; Make the Rain & # 39; & # 39;

Mitch Manner jokes that he made the dance "Make the Rain" by William Nyllander when some of the Leafs saw him on Sunday evening and says that Nullander got what he wants and that's what he deserves.

When Nylander actually returns to the game, the action remains unclear. He did not take part in the practice on Monday while he was on medical examination. He will meet with coaching staff (most likely on Wednesday) to discuss the timeframe.

How does Nilander feel?

"Now, I'm kind of coming to a training camp," he said. "So, at the beginning of each season, I will need a few games to get back in the running of things and things. Otherwise, I feel like I'm in great shape."

"It will be difficult for him," Babcock admits, "but one thing about Willy is that he has incredible edges. He's a real good slider and I think he really helps." He is a fit man, and in any case he works so ideally he will help him. "

One thing is clear, you can be both rusty and productive. Matthews scored three goals and added assistance in his two games since returning from injury to his left shoulder.

"However, I do not feel quite like me, but it's just two games, so I continue to get my feet under me, my wind back and I hope to keep playing better and better," said Matthews after Saturday's match in Minnesota .

And Marner quickly points out that Nulandner's working ethics will help make the transition more beautiful.

"That guy is a fan," said Marner. "He is working on the ice, I'm sure he is in step with all such things in Sweden."

Babcock refused to say where Nillander would appear after he returned. Kapan, who is currently on the right wing with Matthews, said it was comfortable to play on his shutdown if a need arose.

"I played left wing, so it's not a problem," he stressed.

Babcock believes that Nickland's "amazing edges" will help him cross into the NHL

Ligue Coach Mike Babcock does not think it will be easy for William Nindier to immediately go to the NHL, but his "incredible edges" will help him.

With Nylander back, the Leafs needed to open a list of places and they did just that with trading Josh Leivo for Vancouver Canucks for Michael Carcone, who spent the last three seasons in the AHL. Leivo was a healthy scratch for most of the last two seasons and it seemed like a strange man when once returned Nullander.

"I know him for a long time," said Dubas. "In the summer, meeting with (Agent) Jan Palver and Josh … I gave my word that, if there was a situation, we came to a place where we would not be in the night line at night and that we will avoid it and that we will try to find a place for him, where there will be a greater opportunity, and so that's what we have been through in the last few days. We wish him all the success in the world in Vancouver and we will be cheering for him and hope that he is good. "

Leivo played in all 27 Leafs this season, creating four goals and two assists in the quarter-line, and at the same time entering the second power toy unit.

The leaves are traded by Leivo with Canucks for Carcone

Leafs Russian host Andy Petrillo with Dave Feschuk and Craig Button discuss breaking news that Leafs trades Josh Leivo for Michael Carcone to make room for William Nylander and if the team gets a fair value for the lead.

Defenseman Travis Dermot, who was released from the cancellation, was temporarily sent to AHL to make a place for Nylander on Sunday's list. Dermot missed his practice on Monday, but was withdrawn following the Leivo trade and will play on Tuesday in Buffalo.

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