Monday , May 17 2021

Drake blames publishing co-production for perpetuating Jewish stereotypes as a lawsuit in court

Drake is involved in a legal battle with the publishing house Hebrew Hustle Inc. from 2014. The company initially sued Drake for using a sample of the pronounced word by jazz actor Jimmy Smith in Nothing was the same song "Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2." The judge ruled in favor of Drake last year, finding that the sample was used fairly.

Drake then confirmed that he claimed that Hebrew Hastle used the name and image of Drake on her website without permission, which means that in the deleted line, founder Stephen Hacker worked with Drake professionally. The controversy is referred to the trial at the New York court on December 3. Hebrew Hastle named Drake as a witness in the case; he will testify personally before the jury.

According to a new court filing he received from Pitchfork, Drake's team claims that the Hebrew houst used the name and image of Drake on her website without permission for his "commercial advantage". As a result, Drake and his lawyers seek compensation for "the commercial value of [Drake]Name and Picture "(ie, the money from the Hebrew congestion made by the alleged use of Drake's image), as well as the" mental pain of the offensive and disturbing embezzlement of his name and image. "

Explaining their claims of "mental distress", Drake's lawyers write: "The very name of the Hebrew congestion is offensive, because it encourages stereotypes about people of the Jewish heritage, such as [Drake]. [Drake] he will never license his name and image to the Fire Brigade and is offended that he is falsely linked to them. "

Pitchfork contacted Drake's representatives.

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