Tuesday , May 18 2021

Dolph Zigler gives Treeway McKintair the first lost loss over a year

Dolph Zigler gives Treeway McKintair the first lost loss over a year

Photo: Joakim Silovski / Bongars / Getty Images

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Zigler are no longer a team and with the help of Fin Bauter, McIntyre lost its first loss in 2018 to RAW.

McIntyre was given nightly courtesy of "Baron Corbin, General Manager" after helping him to free all his enemies. Corbin also gave McCarth his own gold medal after Kurt Anglly put him out of the committee a few weeks ago. McIntyre would rejoice at how he finally made a change in the locker room of the SAR, just by himself, tempting puzzled Dolph Ziegler to enter the ring. Ziggler wondered why things moved away and McIntyre admitted Ziegler survived his usefulness.

Drew would further insult Zigler, arguing that Zyggler was irrelevant for more than a decade. Sieglger will attack after the provocative will be too intense, forcing General Manager Corbin to sanction the match between the two former champions.

McIntyre will dominate the start of the match while Fin Batter does not reach the ring, which drove Drew long enough to smooth the match. While both fought outside, Balor attacked Drew while the judge was distracted by Ziggler. McIntyre will beat the count, but Sieggger caught Drew with a supercar for an upset victory.

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