Monday , May 17 2021

Does ICO affect problems? SEC fine Floyd Mayweeder and DJ Khaled. Lionel Messi next?

In the past six months, the IWCs have quickly begun to face the realities of poor market conditions, business model failures and regulatory oversight. Now it seems that ICO influences also begin to feel repercussions to promote successful crypto projects.

Just yesterday, it was reported that Floyd Mayweeder and DJ Khaled were fined by the SEC for failing to find that they had accepted money to promote the now deceitful ICO Centra Tech. Center was found to make false allegations of investors for their service, and in April 2018 the SEC filed a civil action against the founders of the Center, stating that the IDC was false. The US Attorney's office in southern New York filed parallel criminal charges.

Mayweather agrees to pay $ 300,000 for decay, a $ 300,000 fine and $ 14,775 in an interest in preference. Khaled agreed to pay $ 50,000 for decay, a fine of $ 100,000 and $ 2,725 for an advantage. In addition, Mayweather agrees not to promote securities, digital or otherwise, for three years, and Khaled agreed to a similar ban in two years. Mayweather also agreed to continue co-operation with the investigation.

The publication of this news has provoked a lot of cryptointnets. ICO's significant influence, Jan Balina, recently tweeted his thoughts on charges against Floyd and DJ Khaled.

Based on the urgency of the tweets, it is clear that Yan, along with some other cryptoid impurities, may try to withdraw from a possible dangerous situation, before things get significantly worse.

Meanwhile, a blockbuster project / influencer duo that seems to have not received the message is the Blockchain phone "Syrian Labs" and their influential Lionel Messi.

Just hours after the SEC announced charges against the influencers promoting the IOC, Lionel Messi was presented at the scene of the SIRIN Labs media event.

This was followed by a not-so-subtle commercial service in which Messi promotes the SIRIN phone lab:

Messi is not an American citizen and he only promotes a product, not an MCO, but that does not mean that the SEC (or the Spanish / European equivalent of the SEC) will not find a way to hold it responsible if the SIRIN Laboratories proved to be another unsuccessful blockade project which burns investors.

Maybe Messi should consider using his new blockbuster phone to call Floyd Mayweeder and DJ Khaled for legal advice.

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