Thursday , October 1 2020

Doctor Who: Now playing the game on the edge, and letting you play like Dale


Doctor Who: The Edge of Time – now you can be a Far Cry

A brand new VR video game featuring Daleks, Cry Angels and the oddball Whitaker himself is now available on PCs and PS4.

We were soon to call Edge Of Time the best video game doctor ever, but given the poor quality of everyone else that really doesn't say much.

The problem has always been budget, since Doctor Who was only addressing an audience in the UK, but now having a broader fan base has more money available for what should be one of the most interesting releases of VR of the year.

The game features the whitecod odor voice as Doctor and gives you the opportunity to use your own sound screwdriver and play with the TARDIS-like physics interior, which works particularly well in VR.

Doctor Who: Edge Of Time VR Release Date

The Edge Of Time was released on Tuesday, November 12th for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and HTCV Vive Cosmos. The Oculus Quest version will also be released later this year.

The game costs £ 19.99 and we'll have a full review soon, but we had a preview earlier in the year when we also talked to UK developer Maze Theory, at which point it all looked very promising.

You play as a new companion drawn into a typical adventure that threatens the universe that includes a visit to Victoria London, an Egyptian temple and a spaceship.

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Edge Of Time features new and classic villains, including Daleks and Crying Angels – which are again perfect for VR because they only move when you look away.

You will also be pilots with a shell from Dalek and will meet new monsters created just for the game.

Hopefully, this will signal something of a renaissance of games based on British TV shows, since the same company is already working on another Peaky Blinders VR game.

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