Monday , August 2 2021

DLC leak for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes some surprising new characters

New flaws revealed a list of characters expected to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the future DLC package, with some surprising names that include that Smash fans can be shocked to see.

First reported by GearNuke, leaks came from the 5Channel, a Japanese forum where information about Smash Bros. was found. Ultimate and other Nintendo Switch games.

On January 3, a workplace was found from early December, which appears to contain a list of characters that will be included in the game like DLC in the future.

The leak suggests that Ubuntu's Rayman will finally be included in the DLC package – the character speculated that it will appear in the basic game in September. The yellow hair character failed to appear in the game when it was released, but may be on the way in the future.

Erdik from the series Dragon Pots also was mentioned along with Ryu Hayabusa from the franchise of Ninja Gaiden and Marine from DOOM, announcing that all three will issue new titles in 2019, and these characters will be presented to Smash Bros to they promote.

Finally, Steve of Minecraft was also named as a character set to enter the franchise fight, with two Sweep Pallets coming in the form of Alex and Master Chief Halo's costume. Steve was also rumored to be involved in the base game, but he publicly announced that he will now be released in Smash to promote DLC for Minecraft traps.

Steve from Minecraft could appear in the game.

There is currently no information as to when these new signs can become available, but the developer suggests that we will receive more information on E3 2019 in June, while another Nintendo Direct presentation will take place this month.

Of course, all these characters are just rumors and maybe they are incorrect. However, seeing Rayman and Steve from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. will create an incredible experience for Smash fans.

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